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Locations You Can Find Stockists of Roger Oates Flooring

12/27/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Roger Oates Flooring can be described as the only stair runner in the market that will actually follow a line up and a winding stair case. It is a unique flooring product which is laid to perfection by the company’s fully trained fitters.

Employees in the company have many years of experience in installing a wide variety of designer flooring products and carpets. They are sure to provide you with a high quality installation of your laminate, wood vinyl or carpet flooring. Before you get information on stockists of Roger Oates Flooring, you should know what these floors are all about.

Design of Roger Oates flooring
Over the past 25 years, Fay and Roger Oates have hand produced and designed this unique flooring installation. They have trained people from other companies that deal with floorings to offer a substantial display of their product in a locality near you. Roger Oates has a wide range of carpets from designer brands that will meet your needs, and fit the look and style of your property irrespective of your location in the world. They have floor fitters that will ensure your carpet runners are installed to perfection allowing everything to line up perfectly. 

Carpet or fabric
If you are looking for stockists of Roger Oates Flooring, you should know that it is a fabric and not a carpet. Many people confuse the two and may end up getting the wrong service. You should get Roger Oates’ range of fabric carpets from an authorized distributor or retailer. The range will help you select the perfect stair runners that will bring life and color to your stairs. They have a range of designer flooring and new carpet products that will astound your guests while perfectly fitting with the style and look of your home.

Locations to buy
The best place to buy services for Roger Oates flooring would be at any authorized distributor, retailer or stockists of Roger Oates Flooring. You can start by looking for locations where the company has a factory or offers its service. Though these are few, you may be lucky if you live in the United Kingdom and the United States. If you live in Europe, you are lucky because you can have the service delivered to you from the UK. As for the rest of the world, you will have to import the services from the company itself or an authorized installer.

Take note that stockists of Roger Oates Flooring can also be found online through online stores. There are some flooring stores that have Roger Oates products in store and they can deliver and install the same. However, be careful and check out reviews of such stores to ascertain their level of experience. Do not forget to read the ratings from several different sites so as to get an idea of the overall rating. Roger Oates has high quality and unique flooring. It would be a shame to get the flooring and have it poorly installed. The best option is getting the service directly from the company or any authored dealer.