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Selecting a Breville Espresso Machine That Will Leave You Satisfied

12/14/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Today there are machines for doing almost everything. The chef, house wife and everyone who delight in kitchen chores cannot be any more thankful as the rigorous efforts and time spent in the kitchen has been greatly reduced with the use of advent of kitchen wares and   machines. Here let’s do an exposition of one of these machines- the espresso. With this machine your coffee is ready in minutes; no need to boil water; you don’t need tea bags and the list of steps in preparing coffee the machine has rendered irrelevant goes on. Anthony Espresso offers a variety of automatic and manual espresso machines for residential, or commercial use

But then how does it work? It would interest you know that an espresso machine simply works by condensing coffee such that the water heated by the machine is passed through the coffee. The result is a well flavoured coffee drink collected at the dispenser of the machine. That’s not all to the machine; it can do a little more manipulation to the coffee bean fed into its system to produce laffe and capuccino coffee flavour. It does this by simply steaming water which does also pass through the coffee beans to produce these flavours of coffee with a taste of milk. What is left to say is that like every other product there are counterfeit espresso machines and they also come in different grades with different features which to a large extent determines their price. Whatever brand or grade of espresso machine you are going for’ there is one all important feature you should look out for- the filter. It would be of tremendous value to you to get a machine with a very good filter as it determines the efficiency of your machine which is measured by how much of coffee bean you need to make a cup of coffee. A good filter would allow you make more coffee from a given quantity of coffee bean. From user’s experience, the filter with the best efficiency in this regard is the one that has a shorter head combined with a conical and gold coffee filter. Again I want to reiterate that looking out for a good filter ensures that you end up with an espresso machine you would be satisfied with. 

Another feature you should also pay attention to is durability and resistance of the materials used in making the machine. A durable material would not break easily and is stain resistant. Usually the most durable espresso machines are made of stainless steel. In the world of espresso machines, one brand very consistent and that has over time gained a reputation of designing high quality, durable and long lasting coffee machines is Breville. Makers of this brand have also got excellent after-sales service as they offer you a life- time guarantee when you purchase their coffee machine. 

As for price, generally, espresso machines are very affordable but their prices are not uniform at all stores, so to get quality espresso machines at the cheapest price, it is imperative that you compare prices of different stores and buy from the store that sells at a price that well falls within your budget. As regards pricing for the Breville espresso machines, you will get them for relatively cheaper prices at online stores but you will get it at the cheapest price directly from Breville as they run special deals and promotions for their espresso machines. More so those buying from them would be cheaper because their price quote would not include the middle men’s margin. Let me conclude by saying espresso machines whether for your home coffee tea making needs or for making tea for commercial purpose offer you great value and are very easy to maintain.