Ways to buy cheap engagement ring

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An engagement ring is very precious and efforts must be taken to get the best one. Many people consider engagement ring to be expensive as it is made of diamond. However, there are several ways you can buy a diamond ring at a cheap price. The Serli & Siron Rings Store offers some of the best diamond engagement rings at the best price.

1.       Buy loose diamonds:

It is better to get the loose diamonds rather than opting for the set diamonds. There are chances that the color of the set diamond might be altered or the flaws will be hidden to give the best appearance.

2. Buy from dealers:

If you buy diamond engagement ring from the retailers, it is definitely going to be expensive as they have to cover up their own expenses. The diamond dealers are the best source to purchase the diamond engagement rings. However, you will have to be careful with the dealers as you might be cheated.

3.       Online purchase:

Yes, your engagement ring is important and you do not want to take a chance, but online purchases are the safest mode of purchase these days. You can save a lot of time and money. Several online sites offer discounts and you can pick from the reliable source. There is exclusive Jewelery Store to cater to your needs.

4.       The diamond rules:

The four C rule of diamond must be considered when you are picking your diamond ring. They are:
Cut: The value of a diamond can be understood by the cut that it possesses. A high cut stone will have a high price. 

Color: If your diamond is of rare colors, it is sure to be expensive. The ones that fall into light yellow classification will cost you less. You can opt for them.

If you diamond is shiny in nature and is crystal clear, it reflects clarity.

Carat: The carat decides the value of the diamond. If there is a carat increase of 5, the price of the diamond will be more.  If you want a less expensive ring, you can opt for a less carat engagement diamond ring.

5.       Shape of the stone:

The cut of the diamond can decide the shape of the diamond and make it look larger or smaller. A princess cut diamond appears larger than a round brilliant cut diamond though they might be of same carat. The princess cut diamond is said to have the second best brilliance, it is wise to make a purchase as it will be high in terms of carat value.

Hope the article has been informative to you. These simple tips will help you to purchase your engagement ring at a cheaper price. You can check the engagement ring stores in Toronto or the jewelery store to purchase the best engagement ring.
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