Ways to Improve Your Winter Commute

12/14/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

It is a known fact that the commute is one of the most dangerous drives you will undertake.  There are several simple reasons for this; the main one being the fact that you become complacent when undertaking the same drive every single day.  It is also common for people to be rushing when undertaking this journey which can add to the risk factor.  In fact, many road accidents happen within a mile of your home when on the commute.  Fortunately there are several things you can do to reduce the risks and improve your drive:

Heated Windscreen Wiper Blades

Your winter commute will involve ice at some point, usually when you are short on time.  Heated wiper blades from Crystal Clear can be purchased for less than $70 and will allow you to drive off instantly with good visibility.  This dramatically reduces the safety risks involved in your early morning drive.  Although heated windscreen wiper blades are often associated with emergency response vehicles and luxury cars, they can be purchased for virtually any type of vehicle and are an excellent investment.

Vary the Route

One of the most tedious elements of the daily commute is the fact that it is the same scenery every day; in fact, it is often the same drivers that you will pass or follow.  This adds to the boredom factor; and increases the risk of having an accident.  One excellent way to avoid this is to change your route; choose two or three alternatives and drive each of them every week to help stay alert.  You may be surprised at how much more interesting your drive is and that you are more alert.

Winter Tires

These are an essential item for anyone who drives regularly in wintery conditions.  These tires are specifically designed to improve grip and handling in cold weather.  Having confidence in your vehicle will allow you to make an emergency maneuver when you need to.

Car health Check

Everyone should have an annual health check and the best time to do this is just before the winter starts.  This can also be a good time to change to your winter tires.  The health check will ensure your coolant level is correct and your oil is fresh as well as all the other fluids.  It also involves a visual inspection of all the major components of your vehicle; this will help to ensure your vehicle is safe and responds properly when you need it to.  Simply not breaking down through the winter is also a bonus!


If you play loud music in the car you are likely to be distracted.  However, research suggests that some types of music will help you to complete tasks faster and others will calm and sooth you.  Ideally you wish to pick a music that you enjoy and has a fast enough tempo to wake you whilst being soothing enough to help you deal with any issues on the drive to work.  The music will help to lift your spirits even on the coldest winter day!

It is also beneficial not to make your vehicle too warm in the morning; it is likely to make you want to go back to sleep!