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Clen – Effects Rapid weight loss

1/08/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Many celebrities in the glamour industry have used clen for rapid weight loss and found it effective in shedding weight in small amount of time and achieving the right look. Though not forthright in claiming the usage but reliable sources have proved that not only athletes, body builders and sportsman use clen but many celebrities have resorted to taking clen for the taut and toned look. In a industry where looks land you big bucks, celebrities may use medications to up their game.

The first and foremost it increases the blood pressure in an individual. There are cases where tachycardia has been reported. Since the drug affects the central nervous system there are changes in mood especially nervousness can be observed. There is a chance of thyrotoxicosis. Finally the individual may get subaortic stenosis.

Since it is a potent steroid it has a number of side effects that cannot be ignored and which may cause devastating effect on the organ systems of the person consuming it without proper medical guidance and knowledge what the drug may do to him/her.

It is also performance enhancer, so athletes too have taken to clen, especially during competitions as they want peak and attain glory. Here the numbers of athletes who have been caught using clen are plenty. Many of them were fine and dandy if caught for a second or third time they were stripped of medals and even banned for life. But as the irony continues professional sportsmen continue use it and try hard not to get caught. It is a vicious cycle where some get caught some don't but others are still at it.

Burn that Fat:

It is legal to buy Clenbuterol online in Canada. Clen is the well known and very powerful weight loss aid which is available today. It is in demand around the globe. But when it comes to laws, they are different in every country. So, it is important for residents of Canada to understand the legality about this supplement in detail.

Beginners for clen - men 40mcg
Beginners for clen - women 20mcg

The increase can be 20mcg every day to 80mcg. Men usually increase it to 120mcg.

But, athletes would have trained their bodies for 140 mcg consumption. The gradual increase of the dosage will avoid shocking your body. It is better to taper it down as the cycle ends.

Since clen is a thermogenic drug it is best advised not to consume it during evenings or nights as it would result in sweaty, sleepless nights Based on doctor’s suggestion, it can be taken on a daily basis.

The clen stacks have to be taken in a cycle as to avoid our body getting immune to the drug built up a tolerance to it. Usually it is followed by 2 weeks in 2 weeks out, to prevent the saturation of beta 2 receptors cells which are stimulated by the use of clen for the purpose of burning fat. After these intermittent gaps the once again the usage of clen will jump start the mechanism in the body more effectively.