For Your Financial Planning, Which Sort of Consultant Do You Require?

1/31/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

You might be one of those who believe in the philosophy of doing your job all by yourself, that good. But as far your financial issues are concerned, taking the help of a financial advisor might be a smart choice. They will not just help you in building your wealth but also protect it, plan for your retirement, improve the skills of money management, and help you to break through all the barriers that are standing in your way of accomplishing more financial gains. Vice President and Controller Bharti Jogia-Sattar , who has been working as one of the most successful financial advisor for both Countrywide Capital Markets and Lions Gate Entertainment for a pretty good time says, that most of the clients who come for advice have no idea which kind of financial advisor he or she might want. There are specialization in the field of financial advice as well and not all would serve your purpose.

So without much upheaval, let us find out what are the various types of financial advisors and what purpose do they serve.

·         Financial Advisor- Often it is found that people get frustrated by navigating much on their personal finances and find it necessary to make some smart moves without letting the emotions to creep in much into this decision making process. Recommendations work fine while you look for financial advisors as your friends and family will have some experience of their own working with these advisors. If they find it worth recommending then they will refer or else there are options of finding it on your own. Life is always eventful and there will be situations when you might get married or divorced buy a new asset to your existing ones or sell some, inherit a great value from your family lineage. These are the ultimate situations when you should prefer consulting your financial advisor, otherwise there's no point hiring them with high fee figures.
·         Financial Planner- Financial Planners are those who're hired for setting your long term financial goals. They can make comprehensive plans of your investments, insurance and even your estate planning. The entire industry of financial is not regulated, so there is nothing to be amazed if you get to find some disparity in qualifications and practice. There are multiple designations which are designed for individual practices but most of them are found to be irrelevant and lack their credibility.
·         Tax Accountant- Whenever you face some problems regarding the taxes with rental property, business interest or home office, a tax consultant is the one who might help you in planning it out and filing the cases for you. The Certified Public Accountants are the best for this kind of jobs because they know the art of the state and have passed through a certified training program before getting their license. Although the fees might vary depending on the complexity of the situation, but they make sure that you get every possible tax benefit.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar is one of the reputed names in the industry and has some big accounts in her name. If you ever feel like taking any suggestion, feel free to take some appointment. Professional service is all that is guaranteed from her end.