Dogs - The ultimate companion for the poor

2/10/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

There are different types of people around the world. Some may be rich; some may be poor while some will be in between these two categories. The only living thing which can show lot of affection and gratitude with the people of all these categories is the dogs. Dogs are not only the pet animals for the people who are financially strong. But it is to be noted that they can show more love and affection on all the people without any constraint. This is the reason why many people living in the streets prefer having a dog by their side.

Safe and secure

Keeping a dog with them provides them the feel of greater security. Since they are living in the streets, they can consider the dogs as the best companion that can also protect them from various threats and hassles. The secured feeling which the dogs give them will help them to enjoy the way in which they are living. It helps them to remain secure in spite of the space where they are living. The other most important thing is the dogs can provide them better protection from external threats. Especially they will provide the best companion and protection for the children.

For better attachment

The dogs are highly known for their attachment with the people. Especially the people living in the streets will feel lonelier that they need someone to share their joy and sorrows. In such case, only the dogs can provide them a best attachment. Even though the dogs cannot help in finding a solution, they can understand the feelings of a person to a considerable extent. Thus, they will try their best to keep their owner more comfortable. The dogs will also understand their orders and will act according to the mood. This will provide a cozy feeling for the people living in streets. 

The most touching thing is even though these people are living down the streets and they have only a little to eat, they will never forget to feed their dogs. Even if they are hungry, they will try to provide the best food for their dogs. And this type of kindness shown on the dogs will keep them more attached. This also shows their great passion towards dogs. The most fortunate thing is the dogs in turn show great passion and attention towards their masters. They always try their best to provide the best protection for the masters. This makes them to feel secure even while living on streets. 

Care and attention

The masters will not only provide them food but they will also show better care and attention on the dogs. These dogs, in turn will remain very thankful for their masters. They will move along with them wherever they go. The dogs will also support them emotionally at times of need. Thus, these people will always feel that someone is there by their side to hear their emotions. The attention between these people and their dogs will provide greater coziness for both of them. 

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