Don't fall prey to fraud schemes

2/21/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

Finding out that your business has become the victim of fraud is disturbing. However, it becomes even more disturbing when you begin to peel back the layers and begin to realize the level of complexity and sophistication that is involved in many schemes that target companies. This is exactly what MX Properties began to realize when they found out that they had been the targets of a fraud scheme over the past months.

It all started back in late 2016 when MX Properties engaged the services of an external consultant named John S. Diak. Mr Diak had brought the promise and excitement of new partnerships and new opportunities, claiming to be able to make the necessary contacts for MX Properties to get into the bank to bank lending industry. This intrigued the executives at MX Properties, who gave him the greenlight to proceed. 

It wasn't until long after the ink had dried on the original contracts and initial deposits had been wire transferred to outside business partners that MX Properties began to suspect that something was wrong. Unfortunately, at this point, they were already into the projects to the tune of $1 million and wanted nothing more than to see things play out as they had been outlined in the original contracts.

It was at this point that the outside consultant admitted that he had known all along that the business opportunities were most likely bogus as the partners and companies had been known "bad guys". However, he had taken the initiative to try and make it right by reaching out to Lisbon Portugal legal counsel and had secured a lawyer who indicated that she could help MX Properties get things moving again, for a small sum, of course.

At first, MX Properties was not interested in losing any more money. But, Carmen De Souza, the lawyer, had put everything in writing and had provided a solid legal background, that made it easier for them to make the payment and hope for the best rather than to attempt to try to gain the return of funds on their own. Unfortunately, MX Properties didn't learn of Carmen de Souza's participation in the elaborate fraud scheme until after they had wired $11,000 to her in various legal fees for help she never provided.

MX Properties, having had enough of the broken promises and backdoor schemes that had been a staple of all relationships introduced by the consultant and began a public plea for remedy in this matter. It was during this campaign that they began receiving harassing emails from a new individual who had also been making public statements questioning the integrity of MX Properties.

MX Properties is still working to save their company from both a financial and market standpoint. Hopefully your company will never fall victim to such a devastating scheme.
Not all Lisbon Portugal lawyers engage in fraudulent schemes. But Carmen De Souza does. Visit here to read more about her exploits.