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How to clean and maintain laminate floors

2/17/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

The laminate first appeared at the end of the last century, but today holds over 10 percent of the global market for flooring. In recent years, it has been used very much when it comes to the choice of products and services that customers want. Logik Toronto think that it is good when it comes to price, quality, and the best thing is that it is very easy to install. With a guarantee of quality laminate meets all the requirements for durability, practicality and technology that makes it easy to maintain.

Here’s what else you should know about this flooring: There is a broad range for the durability of laminate, which defines the class of individual laminates and their level of quality. It should be taken into account the indicator of thickness of the surface as it provides reliable protection against wear, stains and fading. Followed by a layer image of the decorative pattern it determines resistance to compression. You should carefully consider whether the price will dictate your choice or you will invest in quality.

The word laminate is derived from Latin. Lamina means layer because that is what the technology for its preparation is. There are two ways for installation of flooring and they substantially depend on the operational qualities. In the second method, the client can easily replace individual elements, which will save a lot of money, of course. Must avoid irregularities in the construction of the pavement because there is a serious risk of falling particles between the floor boards. Hence it helps to facilitate the penetration of moisture deeply and cause damage to the lamellae. It is also not advisable to walk on it wearing shoes and heels because it can be scratched.

With gentle care in cleaning maintenance of the laminate requires precise care. It can be critical to clean laminate, because different chemicals can cause serious damage to the coating. Experts advise to buy solutions for daily care with neutral PH and lasting disinfecting effect. The hygienic quality products help to overcome stratification of dirt and stubborn stains, prevent recontamination and dries quickly without leaving stains.

Abrasive detergents. For added protection against moisture, experts advise to apply detergent to protect the upper layer of the floor. If you are unsure how to properly clean laminate,you can easily contact professionals in this field who have years of experience in the cleaning of all floor coverings. In some specialized shops, there is and a wide range of special cleaning cloths available because they absorb water and achieve excellent results in sanitation. Consumers strongly prefer microfiber mop. Available in two versions.

The triangular mop with two microfiber towels reaches dirt that is hard to reach and the towels can be washed in a washing machine. And if you still want perfect results, trust companies that specialize in cleaning. With rich experience in the field and at reasonable prices, they will return mirror shine on your floor covering, so it looks like a brand – new laminate.