JD Dukes Recruitment Specialist Recommends the Interviewing Process

2/13/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

Staffing agencies play a major role as an intermediary between business enterprises who are in quest of employees and also for candidates look for services in different areas. From medium level to corporate groups nowadays, hire recruitment agency services since, with the support of staffing companies, they don’t require dealing with the time-consuming short listing job of hundreds of thousands of applications and call a few candidates, potential for the job. 

In these days when unemployment is at the peak and numbers of qualified candidates are huge, naturally, more numbers of candidates are applying even for a single position. Thus, for you, as an employer handling the entire process of hiring can eventually divert your attention from the area where you are most wanted such as production, procurement, planning or execution. That is the whole reason why increasing number of companies today chooses obtaining services of reputed staffing companies who are expert in finding well skilled human resources.

JD Dukes is a highly notable American expert in recruitment services, business development advisory and manpower development. Throughout his professional life he has advised numerous companies from small to medium and public to private in connection with business development, recruitment of employees and all other services offered by staffing companies. 

According to his version, that in these critical days, for enterprises that go for direct appointments of employees in different positions; other than interviewing them and knowing their expertise level, it’s become crucial to undergo necessary background check of the candidates appointed. In fact, this process should start, once the final list is made out of the applicants. As a highly seasoned staff recruitment advisor, he recommends enterprises to undergo the following interview process to find out the best talents for their company
  •  Initial screening and interviewing over telephone 
  • Personal Interview 
  • Second interview/ and written test 
  • Verification of background and references of candidates, those who are finally short-listed 
  • Final screening 
  • Medical Test to ensure physical and mental fitness for the job 
  • Signing of service contract
The medical test should be done typically prior to the job offer. Medical test is important that ensures if candidates chosen by you are fit for the position or not. Thus, as the recruitment process is tedious and time consuming, equally employers should have enough networks that help in candidate’s background verification process. As specialists in recruitment jobs, all reputed staffing companies keep them prepared with solid channel as well as special pool of experts who are focused especially on verification jobs. 

Mr. Dukes considers that seamless appointment of expert candidates is the key to progress in various projects that enterprises undertake. That is why; many companies now favor obtaining recruitment services by staffing agencies. If you have any query pertaining to your proposed hiring or candidates looking for jobs and interested to get in touch with Mr. JD Dukes , please contact him through the social media page FACEBOOK. When out of his busy professional life, Mr. Dukes prefer getting involved in different philanthropic activities. He is also associated with many charitable establishments.