Preparation Guide to Pass PMP Examination Successfully

2/13/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Looking to build your career in the project management? If so, then it is essential for you to know the importance of PMP certification. PMP is now considered as a global certification to make a career in the project management field.

The PMP certification has gained a lot of popularity in last few years that there are around 7.5lakhs PMP certified candidates all across the globe. It has also been found in some survey that numerous good companies hire the candidates with PMP certification for the profile of the project manager.

So, if you are really passionate for the role of project manager, then PMP certification is must for you. But getting something worth can never be as easier as you might think of. Therefore, this article helps you with the tricks to pass your PMP certification examination in first try. If you belong to Gurgaon, then you may also avail the benefits of getting training on PMP Gurgaon.

Important tips to Pass PMP Certification Examination in first attempt:

1.Practice as much as mock tests you can: Some candidates applying for PMP certification have a myth that relying on the real-world experience can make it possible to pass the PMP certification examination and they skip to study about the project management skills. This technique is nothing, but useless. Although PMP certification examination is based on PMBOK book, but only reading the book is not enough. So, it is advised to practice mostly asked questions to pass the examination in first attempt.

2.Prepare notes of whatever you study: Notes have always been a successful way to understand whatever you study. Prepare your own notes while studying for the examination as it helps you to remember what you have studied till end. If you even revise your own written notes before an hour of examination, you can easily remember whatever you have studies during the time of examination as well.

3.Prepare a time table: Some students feel that they can prepare for the examination in the last week or so, but it leads you to nowhere, but failures. Always ensure that you prepare a time table well enough before few months of the examination date so that you could prepare well for the examination.

4.Classify syllabus into many parts: It is not possible to learn the entire syllabus as whole, so it is a good practice to classify the syllabus into further parts so that it could become easy for you to learn everything part by part. Stay relaxed and easy by preparing for the examination in segments.

5.Create and use memory aids: There is no doubt that memory aids are helpful for you to learn the entire syllabus as quickly as you want. Once you create some memory aid, you are not going to forget it all through your life. So, be creative and create interesting memory aids.

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