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Top 5 Movie Torrent Sites 2017 – Download Movie Torrent High Quality Safely

2/21/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Since 2004, Torrent has become a hot application in the internet. It is a protocol featuring the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing used to distribute high volumes of data over the internet. Unlike traditional file download, it is characterized by faster download speed due to more Leechers. The past years has had a surge in BitTorrent download sites and torrent clients on the internet. They're good places to download music torrent, movie torrents, software, etc. 

However, which are the best torrent sites? Here, we present top 10 movie torrent sites of 2017. This list is made in view of popularity, traffic rank, quality of torrent files and other factors.

1.     The Pirate Bay
Ï In general: The Pirate Bay is the most popular movie torrent download site for BitTorrent users. It once went down because of legal troubles and ISP blockades.
Ï Torrent files include: Music, videos (including movie torrents), software, games and others.
Ï Features: It provides comprehensive resources which can be found effortlessly. Torrent users can set language as they like. But the download speed may be its drawback.

2.     KickAssTorrents
Ï In general: This top torrent site was created in 2009. Like above mentioned top torrent site TPB, it also once encountered domain troubles and blockades. But nowadays it still goes on with surprising page views.
Ï Torrent files include: Movies, music, TV shows, games, applications, anime, books, etc.
Ï Features: What makes KickassTorrents special is the comment and feedback system. Users offer their recommendations and warnings after watching the quality of torrents.

3.     Extra Torrent
Ï In general: This is a best site in 2017. He also won a large number of users. Thanks to well organized categories, look torrent users can easily for what they want.
Ï The files include: movies, tv, music, software, games, anime, books, pictures, mobile phones and so on.
Ï Features: lots of files torrent uploaders are reliable and verifiable. This site offers a huge amount of information thrown with all videos, included, helpful in judging the quality of video and movies download torrent. 

4.     YTS AG
Ï In general: In this site, you can browse and download movies in high quality 720 pixels, 1080p and excellent 3D, all in the smallest file size.
Ï Torrent files include: movies.
5.     RARBG
Ï In general: Barbeg fast-growing movie torrent site. And along with another torrent site IsoHunt, which have not been banned in the United Kingdom.
Ï Torrent files include: movies and xxx (18 +), tv shows, games, music, software, etc.

Download Files From Torrent Sites – Is it Legal and Safe?
Just like a knife, you can use the torrent sites for good and evil. It allows you to free download all types of torrents, but may expose you to the risk of fines and even imprisonment.

Some people have a good understanding of the disadvantages download torrents to your computer, but not aware that downloading copyrighted movies and music and others are illegal. It goes against the copyright laws in many countries and regions. People may be required to pay a large amount of fine or the threat that he might stop on the Internet.