Viprinet-Improve your business communications to be more reliable in a cost effective way!

2/25/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

The way of communication between the people has always been through the voice signals and through the letters. But with the development of technologies, the modern way of communication between the people takes place through wired and wireless mediums of transmissions and receptions. Apart from the communication, these methods are also used for data transmissions.

This includes mobile phones, the internet and various devices. Among these, the internet is the largest medium for data transmission where the data can be transferred to any place in the world. Thus this facilitates the improvement of business processes between different countries.

Nowadays, a single business company can be located in multiple locations and can be controlled with the help of internet. Based on the area of connection they are classified into various types like LAN, WAN, MAN, PAN and etc. Among these, WAN technology is used to connect people from long distances. And the efforts to continuously improve the quality of this connection are carried out. One of such advancement is the Viprinet. And Simon Kissel Bingen is the person behind Viprinet technology.

What is Viprinet and what makes it more suitable for business connections?

Being in a business world, it becomes necessary to consider every action even the minor ones which could determine the future of any organization. In such a world, the method of data transmission becomes complex with increased distance of the offices. Normally for these long distance transmissions Wide area network (WAN) connections are used but this method of connection is weaker and weaker with increases in the rate of transmitting data. It also produces increased delays in the process.

To avoid such conditions, advancements are made in the WAN technology. Viprinet is the latest technology for establishing the business connections.  In a normal method, a device has to be connected to the internet for transmitting data to another device at a different location. Here the data transmission speed depends on the network traffic on the internet and the bandwidth of the connection. When the data rate is more than the bandwidth, then the speed of data transmission decreases and also results in the loss of data. This would be a major problem in business sectors.

 In this Viprinet technology of connection, various transmitting broadband links are combined together to form a one single large broadband link for communication enabling the possibility for larger data transmission. And it also obtains the knowledge of the available network traffic to select the best route for establishing a connection. It is more reliable than the ordinary method. This is made possible by the method of adopting Software defined WAN.

This software-defined WAN is created to overcome various issues in the network. Multichannel VPN router is the technology that is responsible for this advanced data transmission facility. This Multichannel VPN router establishes a connection to one of the remote stations, and then various broadband channels are linked together to form a single large link through which data is transmitted in a more secured way!

People like Simon KisselBingen and others have improved the data transmissions methods to a whole new level!