6 Useful tips to find a Good Dissertation Idea

3/02/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

A dissertation or a thesis is document that is submitted in support of candidature for a professional qualification or an academic degree, thus presenting the author’s findings and research. In most of the UK universities, a dissertation is an extended piece of any writing based on extended reading and some independent research at undergraduate or master’s level. There are professional UK writers which help you with academic paper writing and more details can be found on Here are 6 tips that can be useful to find a good dissertation idea:

Choose a Topic that Interests You

Your dissertation idea is the perfect opportunity for you to write something that you are interested in or a topic which you have always been interested in. The topic should be something that intrigues you or a topic that you might have some knowledge about.

Stay Unique

If you keep you dissertation as unique as possible, it is sure to stand out from the crowd as well as making it interesting. Do not choose obvious titles which others are sure to go for. Instead, topics that have not been covered are a must to go for. If a particular topic has not been covered by majority of the students, then it will be an easier way to write about it in a unique way.

Topic shouldn’t be too Broad

A good dissertation topic focusses on one subject and then analyse it in a greater detail. When starting to write a topic, it will be little difficult to keep your topic specific as your research and thoughts are sure to take you in different directions. The problem of a topic being too broad is that you might not stand out to the examiner as you will not add anything to the discussion.

Be Specific

Once you have decided on an idea for your topic, think about being more specific in order to form a title. To influence your subject and use them to form the research question, decide on two such factors.

Be Critical of your Ideas

Put yourself into the mind of others and ask few critical questions like if your ideas have any practical value, or what significance do your findings have. Be sure to have answers to all of your questions with your planning, further ideas and research.

Make Notes

Get into the habit of making notes of your ideas as and when you get them as this will prove to be a huge help.