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Addiction Rehab: Options in Attending a Rehab Program

3/22/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

Addiction rehab treatment is available for those who want to make a difference and reclaim their normal, healthy, and substance-free life. However, there could be stumbling blocks that could hinder your journey towards treatment and recovery. The good news for Canadian residents is that treatment rehab programs are now accessible even if you have issues that deter you from getting the therapy and assistance you need. How do you get time off of your daily routine, school, or work in order to attend an addiction rehab program?

Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Rehab Programs

Numerous inpatient programs are available for the complete treatment of a substance addict that has a high level or degree of addiction. Inpatient residential treatments require the client to basically take some time off of the daily routine and responsibilities of life such as school and work. However, in cases when the client could not possibly take a leave of absence, there are several options to assist you and ease the process without too much hassle on your part.

Here are some of the available options to take when an inpatient treatment program is the only choice you have to defeat and stop your addiction:

Medical and Family Leave

Canadians can inquire about medical and family leaves which could help access residential treatment. Addiction falls under the medical condition category which is one of the factors or grounds of your leave. The leave is for the treatment of the medical condition, in this case, your substance abuse and dependence. You can take a leave of absence without affecting your insurance policy and have the medical condition treated so as not to interfere with your productivity or work-related activities.

Employee Assistance Programs

The employee assistance prerogative depends on your company or employer, however, there are companies that provide this voluntary program, offering limited counseling, confidential assessments as well as treatment referrals free of charge for the concerned employee.

Executive Rehab Centers

Addiction rehab facilities that are basically designed for executives or businessmen and women who have substance abuse problems are quite unique. However, these facilities may also be costly as it is categorized with luxury rehab facilities. Most company executives that need to undergo an inpatient rehab treatment could still continue their work especially when their continuous presence and ongoing involvement in the company is a requirement. Residential treatment in this type of luxury rehab facility offers 24/7 care services with amenities that make work easy and accessible for the patients.

Outpatient Programs

The best option for individuals who prefer not to disrupt their regular routines, work, and school but need an addiction treatment program is the outpatient setting. Addiction rehab centers offer this type of treatment program for clients who have manageable addiction problems. It would, however, depend on your initial assessment if you qualify for this setting or otherwise.

Addiction rehab is a structured process that could make a world of difference in the life of a substance addict. There could be hindrances in recovering from your addiction but there are also countless options to make it happen.