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Motivation Behind Plastic Surgery

3/31/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Plastic Surgery has evolved over the years.  With the changing technology and mindset of the people, plastic surgery has undergone a major transformation.  Today, doctors perform many cosmetic surgeries, which seemed next to impossible a decade ago.  Also, the ‘selfie’ trend brought new demands in plastic surgery.  There is a growing demand for plump pouts and dimpled cheeks.  Let’s look at the changing trends of plastic surgery over the years.

The history of plastic surgery shows its emergence from fixing broken noses and other facial features to major implantation in the body.  The latest developments in the field of plastic surgery are mind blowing.  The field of plastic surgery has always been intriguing to the general public.  Hence, movies with plots involving plastic surgery and major transformations in physical appearances have been huge hits.

They may seem surreal back then but they are very common in recent years.  Movies like Face Off, have their major plot involved in plastic surgery.  Transformation of one person to totally a different person transfixed the audience and it looked just like another Hollywood dramatic plot.  But look at the transformation of the Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger, she does look like a totally different person.  It doesn’t matter that it is satisfactory or not, she is totally unrecognizable.  This is not possible 50 years back.

Back then, plastic surgery was limited to fixing certain deformations.  And people showed very little interest in the process as it sounded too complicated and the chances of accidents were higher.  As the technology processed and as the public became more aware of the developments in the field, they started showing more interest.  And the cost of the surgery has gone down drastically.  According to Paramus Plastic Surgeon, unlike the previous days, where plastic surgeries were highly expensive and cost a fortune, they are far less expensive now and can be afforded easily by any general public.

In fact, there are several health insurances who also offer insurance for undergoing a cosmetic surgery.

People no longer just go to a plastic/cosmetic surgeon to get breast implants or wrinkle treatments, they approach them for latest trends in the field of cosmetic surgery.  Since, there is information about everything online, public is aware of the latest developments, the risks involved, the advantages and the disadvantages of getting a certain surgery.  With the emergence of social networking, there is tremendous pressure on everyone to look their best all the time.  And this is helping the industry of plastic surgery to flourish well.