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Oxandrolone the Common Choice in Treatment

3/01/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

The most popular steroid cycle used by professional athletes is the famous Oxandrolone cycle; which is another name for Anavar. A cycle of Oxandrolone is up to 6 weeks long, during which the user has to maintain a very strict dosage schedule. It also depends a lot on the person who is taking it, how the body reacts and on the side effects which develop.

According to these things, the dosage can be adjusted by your physician to match your particular needs. It has become the common choice for most bodybuilders because it works very fast and it has got far less side effects than its competitors. Everyone wants to get bulked up as easily as possible and get permanent results quickly.

The Oxandrolone cycles

Usually a cycle of Oxandrolone is about six weeks long. The tolerance of the user is what determines the length of the cycle. It is a very dynamic process and you need to keep consulting with your doctor about the effects and side effects to figure out the sweet spot. You should always try and find more information about this before you start. Even professionals who have been using steroids for a long time are not able to predict how the next cycle is going to react with their bodies. Since anabolic steroid usage is highly restricted getting a doctor to prescribe you some is very hard. Therefore you need to follow the dosages used on patients who actually need these steroids for medical problems.

The dosage amount

Usually the recommended dosage for anyone who wants to do Oxandrolone cycles varies from 2.5mg to 10mg per day for a month or six weeks. The dosage increment and the final dosage depend on the user’s body weight. If you have any problem with your body mass index then you should not use this steroid as it might be damaging to your internal system. If you are overweight or underweight you should not use Oxandrolone cycles. If you are about 180 pounds and starting to use this drug for the first time then you should start at 5mg per day for a one week cycle.

The results seen after using this

Using this steroid helps in decreasing the useless fat in your body, and enhancing the growth of muscle. It has very few side effects. Even the effects like deepening of the voice, growth of body hair and squaring of the jaw are much less after using this steroid. The positive effects seen after using this steroid is worth facing the few side effects and managing them.

A few tips for you before you buy

A very important thing about steroids is that if they are not manufactured properly you could face severe effects. So buy only from the authorised sellers and do not buy if you aren’t sure about the quality. You should research as much as you can and find more information about the side effects and how to manage them before you buy. Check the manufacturing and the expiry dates.