Places To Find Peace And Quiet In New York City

3/28/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

A city that never sleeps has to be busy and loud, and NYC is no exception. It’s always buzzing with action and activities and visitors often feel hard-pressed to find some calm amidst all the hustle. From sirens to taxi horns to the fast-paced life all around, the energy level sometimes reaches to such high levels that it gets to the nerves of even the locals, let alone the visitors. But thank goodness there are quite a few places in the city where you can find much-needed peace and escape the general bustle around the city. Places to relax and calm the mind are spread throughout the boroughs; you can find them and give yourself a break from the frenzied pace outside. 

Here is a list of places to find peace and quiet in New York City:

The Conservatory Garden, Central Park
In general, most New York City tours feel incomplete unless they involve Central Park in the itinerary. Not only for tourists, even locals find this park a lifeline and like to visit it to avoid the general craziness. The park may not be 1.3 miles of serenity but its Conservatory Garden is really a tranquil oasis. Here you can lose yourself in the natural charm and experience calmness.   

New York Public Library
If you’re a bookworm and in search of a quality place to drown yourself in quietude, then head to the iconic New York Public Library. The Rose Main Reading Room is the place where you can expect total silence and enjoy your reading sessions without interruptions. Plus, in between your reading, you can marvel at the architectural merits of the place and feel the zenith of art.  

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Met is an iconic museum where art, architecture and history reside. It’s a place for enrichment and enlightenment. It’s also a place to escape the fast-paced life of the city outside and find peace. Here you can browse through works of art, look up at the architecture, and feel totally calm. You can find optimal tranquility and get yourself lost in art.

Roosevelt Island
Noise-less places in Manhattan and Brooklyn are not only few and far between but they are also difficult to find. Maybe, that’s why, some locals too prefer visiting Roosevelt Island to get some peace and serenity. The whole island is in itself serenity personified, but Four Freedoms Park at its tip is something more. Here, you can expect plenty of green space and stunning views of the NYC skyline.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is for those who want calm at a nature-filled place. The garden is perfect to relish scenery and serenity and find yourself in a quiet yet beautiful setting. This place looks even more beautiful in spring when the cheery blossoms come alive and gain full pomp.  

The Cloisters
The Cloisters museums and gardens are a perfect retreat from the chaos-ridden existence of the city outside. Here, visitors can interact with nature and enjoy over 2,000 works of art. Being here will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to medieval Europe.