What to look for in a New Pair of Ugg Boots

3/31/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Manufactured with sheepskin, designed to be comfortable and warm, Ugg boots are popular the world over.

In terms of the history of Ugg Boots, they were first introduced in Australia, then New Zealand, with the Australian company being sold to an American one a few years ago.

Uggs are extremely comfortable, however, due to authenticity problems, especially when they're being ordered online, certain factors need to be kept in mind while choosing a pair of Ugg Boots.

Trademark Logo

In order to establish authenticity, buyers should look for the trademark to ensure that they're genuinely manufactured by the Ugg Boots company.

Considering what you'll be paying for the genuine article, be sure not to be duped by a lookalike logo. Know your product well and be careful.

Choosing the Correct Size

Ugg boots are made from Sheepskin and, their outdoor range from Rubberskin. The boots are stretchable and are best worn barefoot. To find the right size of Uggs, always remember to buy the exact size of your feet, even if they feel tight in the beginning because once you start walking, the shoes will stretch.

In order to measure your size, draw a line on a piece of paper and put your foot on that line, and then measure the length. In cases where your measurement falls between two sizes, choose one size bigger in when purchasing sheepskin boots, and one size smaller when buying rubberskin boots.


Your personal style will determine whether you'll be going for boots that cover your ankles or your lower leg.

Image Courtesy of Ugg Express

Mini Uggs are boots that would reach your ankles, Short Uggs will reach just to the middle of your calf, and Tall Uggs will reach to the top of your calf. If you're looking for a customised Uggs style that shows the Ugg trademark, the Button style boot comes in short, mini, or tall designs.


Authenticity comes into consideration right down to the colour of the boot. To be sure that you're getting the real Ugg, compare the colour range of the vendor to the original Ugg Boots' website. The vendor's range should match the original Ugg manufacturer's range.


The price of classic Ugg boots start from around $160 and will vary depending on the style, size, and sole. It's common to purchase Ugg boots online from retail websites or eBay.

When purchasing online it is important to remember the possible variations in price, and, if you're purchasing on eBay from a user who has worn the boot previously, it is important to make sure the product isn't damaged or soiled.

Somewhere in the world, winter is coming to an end while fast approaching elsewhere. The right pair of Ugg Boots will help you keep warm through the colder months, so choose carefully as we've suggested and enjoy having your feet comfy and cosy inside your favourite Uggs.

IMage Credit: Pexels CC0 License