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4 Reasons to Meet Someone You Met Online In Real Life

4/12/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

The internet offers ample opportunities for meeting new people. Whether you're looking to find your perfect match or just want to make new friends, hopping online could be the key to connecting. While a certain amount of online chat is fine, meeting in person is the best way to truly know someone. Pick a safe location and plan a live meet as soon as you can. There are several compelling reasons you shouldn't wait.

Live Encounters Don't Have a Delete Key

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When you're chatting with someone online, you have the convenient opportunity to take your time crafting the perfect message. You can write, edit, and re-write to your heart's content until you have an error-free email, neatly grammar-checked and perfectly punctuated. It's difficult to experience a slip of the tongue when you're typing your messages, and you have ample opportunity for thoughtfulness and care with every word.

This may let you show off your best side, but it doesn't showcase your most realistic one. In extreme cases, these types of online communications may enable someone to share an entirely false personality. The person might source his or her sweet quotes from a website or book, or even have a friend alongside helping compose the right message. A live meeting cuts through the fluff to get to the real personality.

Photos are Deceiving
While looks aren't necessarily the most important part of a relationship, they do determine how much a natural attraction exists between two people. With crafty photo filters, careful posing, and smart angles, it's possible to create a photo that has minimal resemblance to reality with little time or effort. If you're looking for a romantic connection, meeting in person will give you a much better reading on what's really there.

Real World Situations Say a Lot
Someone may have perfect phone etiquette but appalling manners in a restaurant. You should always meet in a public place when you're getting together with someone for the first few times. Not only is this a safer way to meet face to face, it's also a great learning experience for you.

The way someone treats servers, sales clerks, and even strangers in a crowd will tell you a lot about his or her personality. Does he or she stop to help the person who's struggling to load heavy bags into a car? Does he or she offer a seat to the pregnant woman on the bus? Hopping offline will let you see who someone is in the real world.

Most Talents Don't Translate Well
What are you best at? Perhaps you're a talented musician or artist. Maybe you're wonderfully witty as you observe the situations around you. You might have natural grace or great generosity. Most outstanding traits are better demonstrated live than written about in a text message. Share your interests in a setting that lets you highlight what you're most passionate about, and you'll get to know someone much better than any app will allow.

Meeting in person offers insights you can never get online and forces both of you to be honest about who you really are. Don't waste time with a careful fiction. Get out and experience the reality.