5 Ideas to Prepare Your Oracle Database Administrator Certification

4/03/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Becoming an Oracle certified professional with Koenig Solutions will prepare the IT professional, or anybody working in administration, for the future and open up many new employment prospects. While the pass rates for the exam are high, you can improve your chances of passing on the first time and save yourself the exam fees for a re-sit by using the following tips:

  • Find the Exam Questions You won’t be able to find the actual exam questions and answers themselves, but you can find information and testimonies from former students about what each exam entails, the topics covered, and the types of questions you will have to answer. Tech Republic has a guide and links to several Oracle exams you can use as practice. Having at least a basic idea of what the exam will be like and the types of questions you will be answering will allow you to focus your studies and be prepared.
  • Get the Right Reference Materials You will need to find the correct reference materials and books for your Java certification courses and ensure they are up to date for the latest versions of the software. Oracle Base says that the best ones are the Oracle Instructor Lead Training manuals and the Oracle Certification Books. Both can be bought electronically from trusted retailers.
  • Take the Right Prerequisites There are many Oracle exams available for various skill levels so it can be confusing for beginners to know which one they need to start with. Orafaq has a full list of the courses in the Oracle Certification Program and the order they should be taken in. Be sure to check the course prerequisites to ensure you have taken the courses in the correct order and meet all of the requirements.
  • Mental Preparation No matter what exam or course you are taking, many people fail and fall behind because exams put too much pressure upon them and they crack. Once you take one of the Java courses and see how easy it is to pass, you will likely feel less nervous for the others. There are online resources and tips you can use to cut down on your exam stress and boost your confidence such as getting enough sleep, using breathing exercises, and effective study methods.
  • Start Early When you have gathered the right reference materials and some practice exams, start going over them early, even before your course has started. There is a lot of material to go over in a short space of time so getting a head start will help you to cover it all, will make the course somewhat easier, and will increase your chances of passing further.
Reviewing the right materials, preparing yourself mentally, taking the right exams, and being prepared will help you on the Java Certification exams and ensure you are fully prepared for your own future career goals. Consult with others who have already taken the exams and make the best use out of your resources that you can and your chances of passing will soar to 100 percent.