A Complete Guide To Make Her Birthday Special With Flowers

4/25/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

Wanna know what girls adore the most after chocolates and clothes? Yes, it is the flowers! Whether it is a special occasion or just any other normal day, no girl on this planet wouldn’t say no to a bunch of beautifully decorated flowers. But buying flowers can be a little confusing especially for those who don’t have an experience in it. And if you’re new in this venture, you should certainly know how to make those pretty little blooms mean a little bit more. Follow this quick guide to make your girl’s birthday special with flowers.

Say it all with flower
She might be waiting for you to confess your love to her. Birthday is the right day to do so. Say it all while presenting a bunch of her favourite flowers. Oh, wait! First, try to know which blooms she loves. Plan for a walk in a nearby garden and see which one she goes for. It is much more thoughtful to surprise her with bringing her favourite flowers rather than presenting a generic boutique. Also, your this little act would prove out to be a symbol of love and remembrance for her. The best part is when you have a type in your mind, you can easily explain what you want. This would also simplify the job of your florist. Flower station is one such online florist in London which offers incredibly awesome floral arrangements for simply each and every occasion.

Get help from a pro!
It is completely fine to stop at one of the flower vendors and have a look at the pre-arranged bouquets. After you’re done looking at those decorated pieces of art, try describing them about the occasion( which is obviously her birthday!) Also, describe them about her favourite colour. For example, if your girl is bolder, go for contrasting colours. On the other side if she’s softer pickup colours which have similar shades. You can know her favourites by looking at the kind of colours she wears or the walls of her room. Some of the good choices would be Blue delphiniums, Pink Hydrangeas, Hyacinth, Posy Calla Lillies, Yellow daffodils or red daisies.

Get your hands on DIY
Now that you know which kind of flowers she likes, you can do a little bit of research on the internet. Also, you can watch some online tutorials depicting some great floral arrangements. Once you’re done with some hogging and hovering, make your way to a local flower vendor and pick different flowers. Try making as different arrangements as you can. She would definitely get impressed by your efforts and creativity( if not by the floral arrangement). Also, keep in mind the point at which your relationship currently is. For example, if you’ve just hooked up, giving a bunch of roses would be a little ‘over the top.’ Instead, consider going for some sober ones. You can also consider giving potted plants instead of flowers as they last longer and would constantly remind her everlasting bond with you.

Roses are boring!
Unless they are your lady’s favourite. But if she likes different flower arrangements you can try considering tulips, Calla lilies, carnations, orchids and so on. Chrysanthemums are great if you’re looking for colour, variety and heartiness without giving much trouble to your pocket. They come in all shapes and sizes and would definitely make your lady shout out loud with happiness.

Your leading lady has to be felt special not just on her birthday but every day. After all, she’s the one who’ve been with you in your ups and downs.