Empower your online store with a perfect Woocommerce theme

4/18/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

The success of an online business greatly depends upon the overall appearance and functionality of the e-commerce store it runs. If you are running a WordPress-based store, WooCommerce serves as a great solution to equip it with all the features of a successful one. Setting up a WooCommerce store is a simple and straightforward task, but it is actually the choice of the right theme that is the big question. While the looks that a theme provides for the website are important, they should not be considered in singularity. The choice of a WooCommerce theme is subjective to the needs of a business. At the same time, there are some basic guidelines that  developers follow while choosing a WooCommerce theme.

Product Relevance 

Primarily, a theme should be relevant to the products that an online store is offering for sale. It should create the right visual impact and give a voice to the brand. For instance, a fashion store would work better with a funky and vibrant theme while the one selling office furniture would find relevance in a minimalist theme. At the same time, the design should be clear and user-friendly, with all the basic e-commerce functionalities such as the cart, the checkout, and the “My Account” sections.


Responsiveness of a theme is something you must absolutely demand while availing woocommerce integration services for your online store. Responsiveness refers to the ability of the website to offer a seamless experience irrespective of the device it is being run on. This feature becomes all the more significant for an e-commerce store because it cannot afford to lose the customers who access it through mobiles. Moreover, websites that are not mobile-friendly suffer in terms of search result rankings as per the new Google algorithm. Therefore, responsiveness becomes an essential parameter when it comes to the choice of a WooCommerce theme.
Ease Of Transition

Another key consideration while selecting a WooCommerce theme is that it should be easy to switch if there is a need in the future. A lean, lightweight theme which is extensible for additional functionalities makes a great choice. Such themes enable a smooth transition if you have to move on to another one.

Fast To Load

The website loading speed is one of the key metrics that influences the process of WooCommerce Development. The choice of a theme can make all the difference to the loading speed of the store. A theme that has too may features, most of which may never be used, can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the store but hampers its speed. Such a theme should not be chosen as customers are most likely to leave a slow loading site, even if it excels in looks.

Compatibility With Other Plugins 

Ideally, a WooCommerce theme should be compatible with third-party plugins which facilitate the smooth running of the e-commerce store. The reason is that Wordpress is a plugin-driven platform.


Another essential feature to look for in a WooCommerce theme is multilingualism, particularly if you are running an international e-commerce store. The basic requirements for such themes that they should support a multilingual plugin and also offer integrated Translation Ready tools.

Social Media Integration 

Social media marketing is a vital aspect of online selling as it enables you to popularize your store and products directly on powerful social media platforms. A theme that supports social media integration can be a great add-on for your website from the marketing perspective.

Support And Upgrades

Since WordPress and WooCommerce keep bringing upgraded versions, the theme you choose can bring some compatibility issues as it gets outdated. Therefore, you should ensure that the one you choose is updated regularly to run seamlessly on the new software versions. You should also make sure that you get good customer support with the theme so that you can deal with bugs, issues, and upgrades in the future.

There is no tried-and-tested formula for arriving at a WooCommerce theme that is just right for your online business. Yet, you can look for these basics and get one that matches your expectations and puts your business on the growth route.