Military Employment Transition Program

4/25/2017 John Evans 0 Comments

In 2006, Blake goldring founded a community called Canada Company: Many Ways to Serve. It’s an organization which helps armed forces of Canada through various actions to construct a healthy connection between business leaders and Canada’s armed force. 

The company offers a number of programs to support the reservists, members, and veterans of Canadian Armed Forces. These programs help veterans transition from military service to the civilian workplace through the Military Employment Transition (MET) program and assisting fallen soldiers’ families through its scholarship program.

Supporters of the program

Canada Company has made its creative Military Employment Transition program more powerful after they received a donation of $50,000 from Manulife. Manulife Financial Corporation is a Canadian financial and insurance service provider. The company helps people with their big financial decisions. The company operates as John Hancock in the United States and operates in Canada and Asia as Manulife.

TELUQ University has also taken an initiative for the military community, reservists, veterans and transitioning members to serve jobs in the civilian sector. The university provides illustrate support, exam coordination under supervision, and recognition of credits for your training and military experience. It’s the only university in North America who offers the entire curriculum online.

How the program does work?

The Military Employment Transition program try to build a strong connection between business, veterans, and defense leaders at all stages by sharing education, exchange programs, and awareness. More than 1,200 veterans are able to find jobs through this MET program offered by Canada Company. 

The programs provide people information on how to get ready to tackle job fairs. They also provide suggestions on a resume and cover letter skills and how to improve relationship on their LinkedIn profile in addition to access to company’s MET website.  The Job Fair seminars and the MET website allowed people to meet employers at the Job Fair in a more relaxed environment which reduces some of the unknown factors of the transition process. They also provide seminars to meet military-friendly employers. 

The main focus of the program is to foster, establish, and drive the relationship and connection between the armed force of Canada members who are willing to do work outside the armed forces and the leaders in the private and public sector who will offer employment.

MET and METSpouse

Blake goldring started the Canada Company as a charitable and non-partisan organization. The MET program was developed in concert with the Department of National Defense and Veteran Affairs Canada. The company is comprised of more than 250 companies in Canada. Each company has signed with Canada Company to provide employment to reservists and veterans. They are a comprised of organizations who are eager to hire transitioning armed forces members of Canada, veterans, and active reserve members of Canada. 

The METSpouse program is a network for an employer which is carried out by Military Family Services and Canada Company. In this program, partnering employers are able to track the record of inherent employability of military spouses and explore accommodations for this mobile workforce. In this way, partnering employers strengthen their workforce and improve their organizational reputation and culture.