What exactly does a Pub Manager do?

4/04/2017 John Evans 0 Comments

A pub for those of you outside the UK, is short for a public house, and is an old European style of bar known for a great range of beverages, casual atmosphere and light meals. Pubs are especially associated with Great Britain. A pub manager’s job is to make sure that the pub is being run efficiently, making sure that the bar is making a profit and also meeting health and safety code regulations. Preparing the annual operating budget and implementing a working business plan throughout the year is the central task of any pub manager.

Inventory is of a major concern for pub managers. They have to make certain that there is enough stock to keep up with their customers' demands. Should customers lose interest in a particular pub and for whatever reason, you can be sure that its popularity will wane and then its business. In addition to commercial beers and spirits, pubs also serve other alcoholic drinks, such as wine, as well as non-alcoholic soft drinks.

Menu and Staff

As most pubs nowadays serve some type of food, managers or their chefs must order ingredients for recipes. Gone are the days of only packets of crisps and peanuts!Organising the pub supplies and menu choices that will be servedupis also another responsibility of a pub manager. They are likely to prepare the food plan with the chef's input. The meals should suit the casual, laid back pub style and blend in well, especially with beers. A selection of various savoury appetisers and sandwiches is the normal meal mainstay of many pubs. Some pub establishments are also known for heartier fare, such as meat pies and stews, whereas others can put on a full lunch and dinner.

A pub manager has to hire and train staff as well as fire workers should the need be. They have to be able to do all of the jobs in a pub and fill in if necessary. Coordinating with the staff is a daily responsibility for a manager and meetings and performance reviews will help to keep pub employees aware of the management's expectations. Depending on the size and popularity of a pub, the manager may have 10 to 50 workers to watch over.

Promotions and Atmosphere

The promotion of a pub through advertising, marketing efforts and more importantly, word of mouth are a vital duty of a good manager. They might hold bingo, or quiz game nights as a means to bring in more customers. Food specials or coupons in local newspapers are other great ways a manager can use to attract locals. Pubs are well known for their neighbourhood atmosphere and locals can become regular customers.

Some pub managers hire bookkeeping and accounting professionals to manage the financial side of the business. The ordering of restaurant and bar supplies is usually done by the pub manager, although a chef might place regular food orders. Here’s to your local being all that you want it to be! Cheers!