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A complete guide on using dietary supplements like Winstrol

5/22/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Winstrol, the popular anabolic steroid also known as Stanozolol was manufactured in Great Britain by the company named Winthrop Laboratories in the year 1962. These anabolic steroids are synthetic variants of the male sex hormone testosterone. These are also sometimes referred to as the anabolic- androgenic steroids as they not only help in muscle building but also increased male sex characteristics. 

These were once used for the treatment of hormonal problems and diseases that resulted in muscle loss. But later some body builders and even athletes used the same to boost their performance levels and physical characteristics. This led to it being banned in sporting events but its use by body builders still continues as it burns the body fat and enhances protein synthesis to build body muscles. 

Prerequisites for using anabolic steroids include you to be patient to understand how the pill works and not look for any miraculous solutions overnight. Also general good health of the person taking the steroids is equally important. Look at pictures on Steroidio.comfor more knowhow.

Methods of using the Anabolic Steroids

There are two methods of injecting the anabolic steroids, one is orally and the other thorough injections. Oral administration of these tablets includes taking it in the form of pills through mouth or else these can be injected into muscles. The body parts were they can be safely injected include the glute, shoulder and the thigh.

Another important characteristic of anabolic steroids like Winstrol is the C17 α-alkylation according to which the steroid does not get destroyed when it passes the liver and is ultimately passed on to the blood stream. If the hormone is not 17 alpha-alkylated it would get destroyed by the liver and hence we can actually drink the steroids like Winstrol.

 Some believe that Winstrol can be taken in certain ways that would help to reduce its side effects. These include taking it in the form of cycles like taking it for some time then stopping and then again resuming the dose. The other method is combining two different types of steroids which is called stacking.

Steroids like Trenbolone and Halotestin are used in Winstrol stacking. The last method is called pyramiding where the dose is slowly increased to reach a peak and then tapered off. These are mere facts and do not have any scientific evidence of reducing the side effects. Look at pictures on for more knowledge.

Dosing the Steroid

The commonly followed time period of dosing is 6 weeks which can run even up to 8 weeks in some cases. These kinds of steroids are dosed at 50 mg per day for men and 5mgs per day for women. Another conservative dosing pattern that is used  dropping the dose to half, which is 25mg for men and 2.5 mg for women.

This method can be extremely effective when ran in conjunction with proper stack. Also with this dosing pattern one can acclimate to the side effects very well due to the moderate dosage.