All You Need to Know to Solve Air Conditioning Issues

5/24/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

In the context of today, you will definitely be in need of a vehicle so as to move from one place to other with super speed. Though there are a wide variety of two- wheelers, it is always a car that proves to be the best. It is quite comfortable for a long journey and in addition, it could carry more than a couple of people all at once. This is precisely why almost 70% of the population goes for the purchase of cars than the two- wheelers at large. Speaking of cars, they may be quite smooth for use for a few years.

But then, they tend to meet with little issues with the passage of time. You may set right all this on your own. But then, the main problem in here is that these tiny issues tend to arise without any prior warning. The Air conditioning could be one such issue. Yes, there are times, when the air conditioning system does not work when the car is not simultaneously on the move. Here are a few tips exclusively for you to deal with the problems of your car components at large.

Basic components of air conditioning

Speaking of air conditioning system in a car, there are a few basic components in connection to the working on the same.

They may include
  1. The condenser- You may find the condenser just ahead of the radiator at the high pressure area
  2. The compressor- The compressor is fixed next in the row to the condenser. In general, it operates with the help of a belt that is located ahead of the engine
  3. The evaporator- The evaporator lies next to the compressor and it is fixed within a closed compartment separately. This is the juncture that passes in the cool air to you. It works at the low pressure area.
  4. The metering orifice- This is a tiny device of the entire system that comes attached to evaporator. It sees to that the temperature and pressure are aptly maintained
  5. The drier- The last device that contributes to the work mechanism of the AC of your car is nothing but the drier. It makes sure that no moisture stays within the air conditioning system at large. The Moisture within the system will affect the efficiency of the device to a much greater extent.
Identify the issues

When you want to solve the problem in connection with the air conditioning in your car, it is very much advisable for you to identify the reasons behind it. Yes, only when you identify the key reasons, you will be able to figure out a suitable solution for it. In this case, the possible problems may be one or more of the below:
  1. Lack of proper air flow to the condenser
  2. Imbalance in the level of Freon
  3. Issues of overheating
Any kind of problem with the above mentioned five channels may affect the functioning of the AC of your car. You may refer to the site for more details. You need to take your car to the service center to solve these issues.