Choosing the Right Custom Floating Keychains

5/16/2017 John Evans 0 Comments

It can often be very difficult to know the right product to use as a free giveaway.  This is usually something which is allowed for within the marketing budget of a firm.  However, you will still need to balance the right level of cost / budget.  Any item which is or appears to be too cheap will simply be thrown away by those receiving it.

Alternatively, if you spend too much on each item then you will not be able to purchase many for your budget; this will severely limit the number of potential customers you can reach.

The custom floating keychain is actually a perfect balance between both these factors and can be an excellent product for advertising; regardless of the business which you are in.  To get the right custom floating keychains you will need to follow this procedure:

Choose the Shape

The first step in designing your custom floating keychain is to decide which shape is the most viable for your business.  If you are in the boating world you may want a custom floating keychain shaped like a boat; or you may prefer a spanner.

Non boat related industries may opt for any shape they can think of; the more it makes a potential customer think of your industry the better!

Choose the Material

Most custom floating keychains are made from special foam.  However, you can cover this with a hard plastic or a shiny vinyl coating.  There are several choices and you should select the one which best reflects your business and business offerings. 
Choose the Message

Custom floating keychains are an effective way of getting your message across.  However, they are limited in the space you have available.  This means you will need to think very carefully about the message you would like to add to the keychain.  A personal message ids touching but probably wasted.  

The simplest approach is usually the most effective.  One side of the custom floating keychains has the logo and business name of your business.  The other side has your contact number and a one line summary of your services; if they are not obvious from the name of your firm.

Check the Quantity, Cost and Order Time

Once you have made the difficult decision regarding the message and style of your custom floating keychains you will be able to work out the right number to order for your needs and your budget.  This can be a difficult calculation; the lower the cost the better but you will generally want as many custom floating keychains as possible!  

Await delivery

Once you have worked everything else out you can pay for your order and wait for the custom floating keychains to be delivered.  It is important to allow plenty of time for this part of the process.  You do not want the custom floating keychain arriving too late for your show, or worse; arriving just in time but with a printing error!

The custom floating keychain will be gratefully received at any show and can be used by many people.  All you will need to do then is calculate out how many additional customers it has generated!