Evaluating payroll software

5/25/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

So youre considering switching to an HR and payroll software to meet the growing  needs of your organization.

Now comes the decision-making stage, where your primary task is to evaluate your options and choose one among them. As you set about carrying out an objective evaluation of your options, heres a quick look at the various aspects of the software and vendor you need to consider during the evaluation process.

Domain expertise: All payroll systems are not created equal. Only some payroll software displays deep domain expertise. Though not an acid test, the simplest way to determine the level of expertise is to find out the experience that the vendor has in the HR payroll software domain. This parameter applies if youre outsourcing payroll as well.

Integration with other systems: Payroll requires a number of prerequisites (commonly referred to as payroll inputs) to be in place before it can be processed accurately. These inputs include leave, attendance and expense claims. A payroll system that is integrated with these internal systems can ensure the elimination of redundant work by allowing the smooth flow of information into the payroll system. Additionally, it also makes integrated reporting possible.

Availability of employee self-service (ESS): An ESS portal is a feature that modern payroll solutions offer. It enables employees to access their leave, attendance and expense information, and - importantly - their payslips. If youre opting for cloud software, the ESS portal can be accessed anywhere, anytime and across all types of devices. This improves transparency, efficiency and employee satisfaction and also minimizes queries to HR.

Cloud technology: You will have to make the choice between on-premise and cloud software when opting for a payroll solution. We recommend cloud technology for the following reasons:

Cloud software typically comes at a low and predictable monthly cost.
It offers you dramatic reductions in downtimes.
Elimination of the requirement for setting up IT infrastructure means implementation and rollout are faster.
Anytime, anywhere access means increased convenience and improved employee satisfaction.

    5.   Quality of support: We cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. Payroll is a time-bound task on the compliance as well as salary disbursement fronts. For this simple reason, it is important that you have access to timely technical support. During evaluation, do remember to check what the hours of the support team are, and also the mode of interaction.

    6.   Implementation technology: Implementation should be quick, comprehensive and efficient. We recommend that you take a close look at the implementation systems your software vendor has in place. Also, ensure that the timelines are adhered to.

While the above are the key areas you need to look into while opting for a new payroll solution, posing the following questions to your vendor too will help you further evaluate the merit of the software:

What is the mode of providing software updates and enhancements?
How, when and where is the user training held?
Does the company stay consistently updated on all statutory compliances?
What is the average response time of support personnel?
Is unlimited support offered?
With that, we take our leave for now. We hope the post will help you carry out an unbiased evaluation of the HR payroll software  in the market.