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Narcissism in celebrity’s life and relation with their popularity

5/25/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

You are at the right place if you are looking for celebrity’s net worth. At our site you will come to know about net worth of the celebrities. You can find celebrities everywhere nowadays like on TVs, in magazines and online. There are three kinds of celebrity’s fans and 15 percent of the fans love to chat about their favorite celebrities with friends and colleagues. Many of the fans are interested in their lifestyle and even want to know about their net worth. You can find information about the celebrities and their net worth on

Another 5% of the fans feel intense relationship with the celebrities and some of them see the celebrities as their soul mate and often find themselves thinking about the celebrities. These types of fans are more prone to the risk of depression and anxiety. At you can find all the latest information about celebrities. Some girls idolize a female star with a perfect body in their considerations and likely feel unhappy with their own bodies.

There are around 2% of the young fans who would like to spend thousand pounds on the paper palate used by a celebrity and would do something illegal if celebrity asked them to do. These types of fans are in a high state of danger. Now we will talk about celebrities, a study in USA tried to measure extreme self centredness. According to a study a group of 200 MBA adults are found to be more narcissistic than the group of 200 celebrities but both groups are found to be more narcissistic than the general people. There are four types of the celebrities included in the sample. The celebrities who become famous through TV reality shows are found to be more narcissistic.

Next come the comedians who scored high on exhibitionism and feeling of superiority. Next are the actors and after that there come the musicians who found to be least narcissistic. The interesting fact that comes out after a study is there is no connection between narcissism and the time duration during which the celebrities had become famous so it is clear from the study that becoming famous is not the reason behind narcissism. The people who become very famous or successful tend to be narcissist. We can see many of the celebrities who are desperate and lonely.

People are found to be very interesting in the lives of the celebrities because they found themselves very closely attached to the celebrities and often search on internet for their lifestyle, their education, their struggle and their success because they want to walk on the footprints of the celebrities. They also follow the magazines that will give them information about the life of celebrities. At our website we have covered famous celebrities and you can find net worth of the celebrities.

You will come to know how they started their career and the complete information about the ups and downs in their life. This information will motivate you to follow the celebrities and become successful in your life.