The splendour of Ghats will leave you awestruck

5/30/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

Varanasi that is also called Banaras and Kashi is mapped on the banks of the spiritual River Ganga. The city is adored by mystic buffs and people who are in search of holiness. The city is considered to be a consecrated city by Jains and Buddhists, and it is the heavenliest place in the world of Hinduism.
Once you visit this city, you can enjoy abundance of spirituality and charm. The city is brimming with spectacular ghats and it has more than 87 ghats to leave you enriched. So, just check out rooms in hotel Varanasi for your stay and enjoy a mystic and happening trip in this city. For now, have a quick look at some of the ghats of Varanasi. 

Dasaswamedh Ghat 

It is the heart of the action and the chief attraction in Varanasi. It is one of the most ancient and celestial Varanasi Ghats. It is the place wherein the famous Ganga aarti is carried out every evening. The carnival goes on here throughout the day. You can witness a nonstop flow of pilgrims, Hindu priests, flower venders and the beggar’s right from dawn to dusk. The area is full of hustle and bustle and gives a cheerful impression. 

Two Hindu folklores are associated with this Ghat: As per one, God Brahma established it for welcoming God Shiva. As per folklore, God Brahma sacrificed ten horses during performance of Dasa-Ashwamedha yajna. What maybe the case, the whole Ghat showcases an enthralled site to visitors. 

Assi Ghat

Assi Ghat is located on the far south and on these Ghat pilgrims pay admiration to Lord Shiva by praying a huge lingam mapped under a peepal tree. The ghat is an energetic space, rolling in commotion and bedlam and one that arrests the ancientness of this city. Among the most famous mystic spots in Varanasi, Assi Ghat is actually a must visit. The arresting view of the vibrant aarti here makes Varanasi one of the most elegant cities in India. 

During the periods of festivals or even on general days, the Ghat remains vivacious. On usual days about three hundred people visit every single hour during morning, and during the times of festivals, around twenty five hundred people visit here per hour. Indeed the ghat attracts every eye!

Darbhanga Ghat. 

Darbhanga Ghat is an extremely adored Ghat. It is one of the most striking and architecturally inspirational Ghats. The visitors find this spot to be very engaging and lively. It possesses an arresting palace built in the early nineteen hundred by the royal family of Bihar. There is also Munshi Ghat adjoining here that was constructed in the year 1912 by Sridhara Narayana Munshi. 

So, the bottom line is that if you haven’t experienced the charm of ghats of Varanasi then you surely are missing out splendour. Just find out some comfortable rooms in resort Varanasi and carry out a cherished and thrilling trip in this city of spirituality and majesty. After all, the city is always ready to leave you awestruck through its pulsating ghats.