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Things to consider when Designing A Control System For Life Science Facilities

5/11/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

Life sciences facilities encounter a lot of problems thus reducing its level of productivity and also profitability; some of these challenges include human error, power failure, innovations etc. Life science covers a variety of option which include the study of all living things.  But lately a number of specialized fields have emerged, including molecular biology and biotechnology. 

Notwithstanding, life science is a fast growing field.  Usually studies conducted in this field require a carefully controlled environment. This is to ensure that your results are accurate, unbiased, and free from any environmental factor.

Selecting the right Supplier

Carefully choosing your supplier is the first step you must consider when shopping for control systems for life science facilities. There are a lot of firms that offers this kind of service. These companies offer a wide range of services that cuts across boundaries. One of the most alluring features of choosing a reliable supplier is their superb innovations. Providing the best services that is obtainable is their major objective.


Considering your own needs is another important factor to consider. You have to point out what you need exactly. Do you need the air to be of certain quality? Do you want guaranteed accurate result for your tests? Do you require a disease control system? Understanding and highlighting your entire system requirement is very important. 


Another important step is, making sure that the firm you are contracting has a good track record or recommendation from people about the specific control system you require. This is important because, it is the only way you can be convinced about their services and products. Ensure that you speak with people who regularly use these products to know if they provide satisfactory services


After choosing your supplier and pointing out what you need, then the next step is negotiation and reaching a bargain. In most cases, placing a bulk order comes with a discount on your purchases. Since most of the products are customized and specialized, a whole lot of time and expertise is usually invested by the manufacturers,  so getting a discount on purchases might not be feasible for your chosen control system.

The perfect time to install environmental control system is during the initial stage of the building.  Though this is often not achievable  and your desired control system for your life science facility can be retro fitted to your lab or desired work space. It is imperative to note that, there are numerous specialties and fields within the life sciences and developing one control system for all of them is hard to achieve.