Go on a Temple Tour with self-drive cars in Chennai

6/15/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

If spirituality and sightseeing are on one’s mind, then the city of Chennai is definitely the place to be in. The traditional city of Chennai is home to many large and small temples and is known to attract the pious with its magnificence and sanctity. One can move around from one temple to another quickly if there is a vehicle of choice waiting in the wings, eager to drive one with comfort and convenience.

The ISKCON temple, the Ashtalakshmi, or the Viswaroopa temple, these are just a few of the many temples one can plan to get “darshan” at. However, Chennai also sports modernity in its latest avatar with a plush airport, swanky malls and an eclectic nightlife too.

Bring spirituality and piousness home

Tourists who come to Chennai with the Lord on their mind are well-advised to arrange for a reliable mode of transport in the form of a hired vehicle or a self-drive car. This helps one to plan the early morning aartis or the late evening quiet times in the verandah of one of these temples. Elderly people and young children find the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle most comforting, so that one can make self-drive vehicles a standard feature of the travel schedule.

Travel with a pure heart and a relaxed body

Praying at these beautiful temples that are architectural marvels in themselves, is a redeeming factor but all can come to nought if one has to wait at bus queues or hail autos on a hot summer day. Of course, since time is extremely critical during vacations, one can make the sensible decision of driving one’s own vehicle and save a lot of time. Hiring a vehicle beats any other transport mode as the convenience level is the highest.

Reach on time, every time

If one wants to breach the language barrier in an unknown city, one should try out Zoomcar, which is a leading provider of self-drive cars in Chennai. Innovative pricing, ease of booking and a massive choice to select from, is the hallmark of this service. Every kind of vehicle, be it a sedan or a hatchback or an SUV, is available for those planning the Chennai temple tour with the family elders.

There is not much to think if car rental in Chennai is on one’s mind as the best of air-conditioned comfort and immaculatelymaintained vehicles are on offer here.