Have fun in cultural events

7/31/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Bangalore is a city where one can do a lot of things over weekends. Going for movies, pub hopping and post dinners are very common among them. Those who are not up for cliché things mainly do trekking over weekends or go for cultural concerts in Bangalore. Here are some exciting opportunities which are coming up in the next few months.

Zeliangrong Bangalore Foundation Day and Fresher's Meet cum Cultural Night 2017:

This is scheduled to happen on 19th August from 1 PM to 10 PM. The venue is at the Christ School ground and the event is organised by ‘Zeliangrong’.  If you are thinking of a place to go and chill with your group of friends then this one is just perfect for you. Here the culture and tradition will be presented to you in a certain amalgamation that one will get to know where the specialty of India lies.

That is; the unity in diversity. There will be performances of Folk Songs and cultural dance performances by different tribes who will come from North East of India. Apart from that, there will traditional Kannada dance show, contests and a fashion show. To go with that, one can taste the delicious food and beverage spread that will be served here.

One can also try and take sips from traditional Naga drinks. Live Dance, Music and cultural performance will make your day worth. You can take endless pictures of the event as the performances will be very colourful. Once you reach the gate of the event, there will be a nominal entry charge which you have to pay.

Naukhai Bhetghat: This is going to happen on 3rd September, from 10 Am in the morning till 9 PM at night. The venue is the M Vishveshwarya college ground and one has to book the tickets by paying an amount of Rs 350. This one is the harvest festival which is mainly done by the people of West Orissa.

It has become a kind of folk festival in Bangalore as it is happening here for almost 2 decades now. Folk dance, music and food are the main attractions of this festival. Here mainly the art and culture of the state of Orissa is promoted. People come and taste the local cuisine of Orissa along with seeing their dance and singing performances. They also check out their art works and handicrafts. It is more like a cultural fair.

Malanad Calling: This begins in 8th September at 10 AM in the morning and ends on 10th September at 8 PM in the evening. One has to book their seats for Rs 2255 to go for this journey. This is also a festival which will happen through a span of three days and it will be filled with fun. There will be music, camping, adventures and workshops. Music lovers from different parts of the country and even from abroad do join in, in this musical camp and concert. This is again a kind of fair where there will be art stalls. Food stalls, mural makings, music bands and art galleries.

Have a great weekend ahead.