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Steroids vs Athletes

7/18/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

Steroids are not allowed if you are a professional athlete. It is called cheating because of the many advantages that you will have from other players. Using performance enhancing drugs will give you a lot of benefits like being able to train longer and do better than other competitors. It is important to keep in mind that when you are caught, you will face being banned from entering the sport that you are competing in.

Maria Sharapova is one of the famous athletes caught using steroids.  She was tested positive for using Meldonium which she said she has taken for 10 years due to magnesium deficiency and her family’s history of diabetes. But why did she have to take it after all the risk? Is it really worth the risk?

Athletes should be seen as Role Models

It is a big NO-NO if you’re an athlete but at the same time uses steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. Athletes are being looked upon by many aspiring kids. It would be very disappointing if they know that their idols have been cheating all along. Which is why athletes should always know the risk that they are taking if they every decide that will be taking these kinds of drugs.

Equality and Sportsmanship

If an athlete who has already won many gold medals is tested positive for taking these performance enhancing drugs, they are in danger of being banned from the sport that they specializes in. Fair play is important and must be kept in mind, especially if you are a well-known athlete. You are representing your country and the sport that you are playing in. It will truly be a great loss if you get banned but it’s better than cheating.

Natural is better

It is better if you have your skills because you trained for it and you worked hard for it. Once you take steroids or any other performance enhancing drugs and word gets out, your fans will think that you don’t have any true skills. They’ll think that it is because of the drugs you’ve been taking and helping you train. It is hard to think about but some people will always be like that. Even if you prove yourself, they’ll still think that you once cheated.

Gains are minimal but the risk is real

Exposing your body to unknown or harmful drugs will take a toll on your body. Even if you take the minimum dosage, there will always be the build-up that will be left on your body. Working out more is much better than putting your body at risk. You can always rest but if you already face the cons of taking drugs, it will be much harder on your part.

There are so many reasons as to why steroids are not allowed in sports. Aside from it being unfair, you put yourself in danger and given all the possible illnesses that one can get after too much use of these drugs, it can be pretty scary and sad given how athletes are being looked upon by millions of people worldwide. Better to be always safe than sorry.