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The Perfect Steroids for Girls

7/17/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Anavar is a brand of anabolic steroids that is much milder or weaker in comparison to other variants. It has the chemical name Oxandrolone which is a weaker DHT derivative of anabolic steroid. Even though it is milder, its effect is fast action and potent enough for losing weight and muscle development. Anavar was also identified as the safest oral steroid tablets, which makes it more popular especially for female users and beginners.  

Hence, it is usually branded as the "girl steroid" since it pretty much suitable for female users. Even so, males can still use Anavar but more on cutting cycles instead of cycles for a bulkier body mass. Since women have more sensitive hormones in comparison to males, Anavar is usually used by female bodybuilders during a diet or for muscle development. It is the safest steroid and at the same time aid in losing weight faster.

Perks of Anavar

It does work just like others anabolic steroids but with a smaller difference. It is usually recommended for cutting cycles which can result to a leaner mass body but still ripped. It is effective in burning excess fat fasters and achieves a cleaner size of the muscles. It also provides a notable increase in power, which can be depicted as both muscle power and speed. It also increases the red blood cell count which can enhance the body's overall muscular endurance.

Even though it is identified as a weaker steroid, the boost in strength it provides and efficiency of it as a steroid is still potent since its anabolic rating is at least five or six times higher in comparison to testosterone. It is also less toxic to the liver and safely passes through which hasten the absorption of the steroid to take effect into the body.

Since it is an anabolic steroid, it directly reduces the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). Hence, the lesser the SHBG will increase the level of testosterone present in the body. The freer testosterone level is, the better it will bind to androgen receptors which aid in the development of the muscle.

The Side Effect

Even though it is safer to use in comparison to other steroids, it is still toxic to the liver. There is a slim chance that adverse health effect may develop over time. For females, symptoms are usually depicted as deepening of the voice, irregular menstrual cycle, acnes and unnatural hair growth in the body.

Since Oxandrolone does not convert into estrogens, it prevents water retention during the use of this steroid and can make the user feel completely dry.  Regardless of its mild effects, it still suppresses natural testosterone and requires a post cycle therapy.

Anavar Cycle for Women

It is usually taken for at least four to eight weeks. For cutting cycles, it is recommended to start off with a minimum 2.25 mg and maximum 10 mg. But for cycles in gaining mass or bulk, it is recommended to increase the dosage up to 20 mg.

For a safer guide on the dosage and cycle, consult a licensed physician to determine the suitable Anavar intake that the body can tolerate.