Utilise the new technology for enjoying Indian music

7/17/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Songs are used as a stress relief and they are our companion if we are travelling a long distance and they can be a good medicine for our mood swing and make us forget any bad incident and feel fresh and energetic and we can keep on telling many things about it. The songs where first can be heard only in radio and we have to wait for a long time for our favourite song which may take up to days. Then tape-recorders where introduced in which the songs are saved in tape and we can hear our songs when we require but the other problem is that the tape get struck if often use it and as a result this will lead to the damage of the tape. So this tape cannot be fit to our convenience.
Then CD's where introduced which is way better than tape recorder and their life time is long as compared to tape recorders. The CD too have disadvantage as they store the data in analogy format and if there is scratch in the data storage area some data will get erased and then many analogue device which will be useful for the transportation have be introduced but their main problem is that the data will get erased if any damage occurred and they will occupy a lot of space.      
Now due to the improvement in the technology song apps have been introduced which stores the audio and lyric format in digital and there is no tension about the data getting erased and the storage required for storing the songs is less compared to analog format. These apps are very useful during our travel and we can stream our songs in live and we can even save these songs in offline and we can hear the song when we require. 

While using the tape recorder we have role over the tape again for hearing the same song which want to hear again but there is no problem in music apps as they are stored digitally they will be available in our finger tip and all we have to do is just to know the seconds of our favourite lines and the place where we have stored our favourite song. These apps have better sound experience as compared to the analog storage device and the noise level and potential distortion is very low. The main advantage of using these is that we can store the data in the format that we require or handy for our use.

Data that is stored in these devices can be easily copied from one device to another and the audios can be integrated into multimedia. As technology has improved a lot we can transfer the data through networks itself. Get Indian all lyrics for your favorite songs through online application. Indian music lovers are available throughout the world and using the popular site to download the lyrics.