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What happens when you take HGH?

7/24/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a very misleading name; if you hear about it and you don’t do a reading on it automatically you will treat this as a hormone that helps with growth. Well... your right (partially), because growth hormones have many functions that many adults need, thus the reason for an HGH supplement.

The pituitary gland secretes this hormone and it secretes more during your 20s but when you reach further, passing the days of the calendar the levels of HGH secreted by the pituitary gland decreases but this isn’t just the reason why there are other factors like diseases. The fact is the major role of endogenous HGH is growing, but you have to also give props to its other characteristics that adults still are using and maximizing thru supplements.

Protein metabolism: The building blocks of our body tissues and also helps with the energy. For a body builder, this is very essential for the reason that it helps with tissue repair while providing energy. Let’s face it we aren't young anymore and whatever beating our body got when we were young we can no longer be applied today. Now we need to stretch, take some pain killers and a massage. this is because when we were young cellular regeneration or cellular repair was fast and with HGH supplement this can help a lot to help you keep coming back every single day to the gym with less sore but of course safety first.

Fat metabolism: Remember when you were still in your teens? You eat every day like it's a feast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but for some reason you never really get fat. But now you try the same diet you have and guaranteed you will bloat in a week. For body builders, HGH is essential in this sense because it helps them manage those adipose tissues faster just like when they were still teens.

Carbohydrates metabolism: This gives more energy by breaking down carb faster that powers your cells. Carb is an important source of nutrients and it's very important in order for you to last a day. If you are body building you need to have the ability to utilize those carbs and turn it into something productive when you are body building. We spend most of our times in the gym if we don’t have carbs and we do what we do, we wouldn’t last a day. Thru taking HGH supplements, you can maximize your energy potential.

Something to remember: Even if it's a supplement, HGH does alter the physical and emotional aspect thus you still need to be careful in taking it and you need to make sure that you properly apply and take this supplement. You should know that this is only and most of the time prescribed by doctors to people that need it, old age doesn’t count.

Why are HGH supplements very popular with body builders? It’s because of their metabolic properties that aids in cellular repair, metabolizing fat, energy giving and muscle sculpting.