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5 Side Effects of Dianabol That People Should Be Aware Of

8/29/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Dianabol or  Dbal is a bodybuilding supplement. It is a steroid that is known for a very long time. It was first heard when athletes at International Sports Competition like the Olympics were discovered to be using this during the game. Dianabol not only gives muscle mass but it can also add power and strength to the body. It can also extend the body’s endurance.

However, Dianabol is also known as a powerful steroid. It has both androgenic and anabolic features that can both be good and bad. Dianabol is also illegal in a lot of countries because of its terrible side effects. Here are five side effects of Dianabol that people should be aware of.

Extreme Acne Breakout

A mild side effect of Dianabol is acne breakouts. But this is not just a normal acne breakout, it is very intensive and also extensive. It is not only on the face but in all parts of the body that has pores. This occurs because Dianabol is an oil based steroid. These acne breakouts can appear as thousands of tiny pimples all over the body. They can also appear in few numbers but they can be as huge as a nickel.


Another side effect is the balding tendencies. This side effect will start as simple hair fall. But as the time goes by this will be more frequent and more alarming, especially if the person is continuously using Dianabol. During this period, hair grows very slow. The user is more likely to go bald before the hair can even spring out of the head.

Water Retention

Water retention is categorized as a dangerous side effect of Dianabol. It will not only cause swelling but it will also trigger other side effects. The increase of estrogen is the cause of water retention. Estrogen increases when Dianabol is misused or abused. Water retention can also lead to other side effects like high blood pressure and more.

Organ Intoxication

An extreme side effect of Dianabol is organ intoxication. Dianabol is a strong steroid because of its androgenic and anabolic properties. A little bit of overdosage can make Dianabol toxic. The first organ that will get affected is the liver. Then the next one is the kidney. If these two mentioned organs experience dysfunctionality, then the other organs will also be at risk.


Gynecomastia refers to the enlargement of the breast. This very common on male users. Dianabol affects the chromosomes of the body and can cause virilization. This refers to the mixed up of sex genes. This means that male will develop female characteristic and vice versa. Females experience growth of facial hair and deepening of voice when they use Dianabol.

With these terrifying side effects, it is a no wonder why this steroid is illegal in most countries. Experts have suggested using safer versions. However, people still prefer Dianabol because of its massive benefits. People who still want to use this steroid must consult a doctor before purchasing. A doctor should also supervise the Dianabol cycle of the user to prevent and avoid these side effects.