Download the Best of Video Calling Apps on 9Apps

8/10/2017 Jhon 0 Comments

Are you doing lots of video calling? Which app is the best for it? How much data does your video calling service takes? Thanks to the technology that made it so simple to talk face to face with someone who is residing on the other side of the world. There are hundreds of video calling platforms and apps available. But which one should I choose?  This is a serious concern for everyone. Whenever there are many apps, it becomes difficult for the users to find the right one. Here 9Apps app store speaks about some of those best-rated apps available in the store.

Before we proceed, we just analyze some quick facts. What makes a video calling app better or worse? No doubt, it is the clarity that makes an app good or bad. The voice should be audible and the video should be clear and visible. At most of the times when we make video calling, either the voice goes scattered or the video goes shaky. We never get a good experience as a result.

Though a good part of the issues is due to the slow network, that’s not all. The app’s performance also matters. We cannot expect similar performance and clarity on 2G, 3G and 4G alike. Video calling on 4G performs better compared to the other two. You can get even a better performance on WiFi. Once you have WiFi and the network issues are solved, then you need to pick the right video calling app.

Each of those Video Calling Apps on 9Apps android store is competitive. The store lists out only those apps which are found impressive in many ways. Some apps get filtered to make our store fully protected from malware and adware. Here are some of the best video calling apps.

Video Calling App: This is one of the best apps you can have for video calling. The app sized mere 21.47MB loads faster and performs competitively well. All the more, the app is user-friendly in nature. You will enjoy video calling on this app as it will be clear and audible. There won’t be any issues related to time lagging. You will hear what the other person says as soon as they say it.

Free Video Calling App: This is another app which will help you do video calling. Similar to the first app, this app too is noted for clarity of voice. This app also is free. Apart from these apps, there are hundreds of other Video Calling Apps on 9Apps.