Planning to relocate? Here are some tips that can help you move your stuff quickly

8/02/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

One needs to be well prepared when it comes to moving home. From choosing the moving company to getting the phone, broadband and cable TV connection shifted, there are several other tasks that one needs to deal with, besides packing stuff of course. Here are some tips that can help in controlling the stress while relocating.

Avoid moving on national holidays

 It’s obvious; everyone believes that relocating and moving stuff on holidays can help in saving productive time. However, this may not always work because moving companies are often occupied with too much of work during national holidays.

Bookings for these days may not be easily available, plus, workers might just try to rush things so that they can move quickly on the next job. You don’t want to see your stuff damaged, do you?  Thus, avoiding weekends, national holidays and even Fridays can prove to be beneficial.

Choosing a moving company

No doubt, one needs to be extremely careful while choosing a house moving company. Rather than checking yellow pages and using Google search, getting recommendations from friends and relatives should be given priority. Use portals like Moving Pros to find long distance moving companies nyc. Make sure that the company you choose has a good reputation and positive reviews from most of the clients on industry specific forums. Check if they have damage insurance in place to compensate for damages caused to your stuff while transporting the same.

You should know the exact distance between your old house and the new one. While getting quotes, make sure that you share accurate details about your furniture items, electronic devices, vehicles, etc. Mention items that require special handling instructions separately. Give all the required guidance to the moving company in the form of location map, zip codes for both points, and recommendations regarding nearest routes for traveling.

Other preparations

Visit your new house and plan how you wish to organize your furniture once you move in. Create a plan with pen and paper so that you can give the same to your moving company’s workers in order to get all the furniture and other items in the right place while assembling.

Before moving, it’s advisable to find details about nearby markets, schools, area’s broadband supplier, cable TV service provider, post office, dentist, and health clinic.

Notify your existing phone, cable and broadband supplier and check if they can provide the same services at your new address. Notify the gas, power and water companies as well. If possible, pay all the pending bills before moving.
Give five minutes of break to yourself

Moving your house can prove to be extremely stressful. Experts suggest people get proper sleep and eat appropriately. Your body also needs a break, so, no matter how busy you are while shifting, make sure that you take a break in between to keep stress away.

In order to feel revived and calm, you should consider sitting in a corner and spending five minutes of time in deep breathing. Inhale and exhale for five minutes and you would feel calm.