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The All-Time Favorite Of India – Paper Handicrafts

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Handicrafts are always the first choice as it touches the people’s heart. The feel and love in handmade products can never be compared with the machine made products. Handicrafts are a wonderful way to add beauty to life, and when we talk about India, it is the biggest market of handicrafts in the world. In India, handicrafts are still very popular. There are many materials from which handicrafts can be made.

Wood Handicrafts: They are famous in India as they exist before the stone sculptures came into existence. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan are well-known for their creativity in these products. You can also get heavy products like unique-designed wooden chairs, tables, and trays at an excellent price.

Weaving or Embroidery Products: Bandhani and Phulkari of Punjab are well known in the whole country even in the Abroad. Machines copy the designs of Phulkari but still not able to compete. Apart from latest technology, Phulkari has not lost its significances.

Iron Handicrafts: Some attractive heavy handicrafts are made with iron which is also trending. Table decors and Wall hangings are popular products. There is a wide variety of handicrafts in India.
Paper Handicrafts

Paper is used all over the world from a very earlier time. It was originated in the country of China around 100 A.D. The use of paper was only limited to writing or reading. China was the country which brought a drastic change in the use of paper. They started using paper for the decorative purposes by putting them into embroidery patterns. They made some beautiful designs by cutting them in a unique style, and this took the use of paper to another level, and now, the paper is used in almost everything, starting from the paper handicrafts to paper jewelry.

As the time passed, paper decorations are done in the whole world. They are cheap but look very attractive. Paper has a great history. There are some stories in Turkey related to paper. European women have a big role in making paper craft very popular. They showed their brilliant art and creativity. Nowadays, paper handicrafts are again in trend. It involves the art of quilling.

Types of Paper Craft:

•    Quilling: it is a type of paper art in which paper is rolled, and strips are made and pasted together to give a precise design. The paper is curled and twisted to give the designs that are used in decorating greeting cards, models, jewelry, and other home decors.

•    Paper Folding: this type of paper art involves folding of paper. This seems easy, but it requires some real skills. The art has been originated from the country of Egypt. Different shapes of paper can be made by folding and fixing them in a particular design can give some beautiful designs.

•    Paper Cutting: It was first practiced in the Mexico and later in whole America, the art involves cutting of paper in different shapes and designs through different equipment like knives and scissors. Paper sheet can also be folded before cutting for the symmetrical designs. You can purchase best designs of handicrafts with paper online