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The various types of pregnancy tests

8/18/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

For a pregnancy test, to be accurate, it is suggested that you wait a week after your missed period. Most manufacturers state that pregnancy tests need to be taken twice. Though there are different types of pregnancy tests, but qualitative and quantitative HCG blood test are popular.

You can refer if you are pregnant by analysis of one common symptom. If you are experiencing all major symptoms of pregnancy, then you should undertake a home pregnancy test done, or consult your doctor to confirm pregnancy. Accurate results of your pregnancy can be obtained one day after your missed period.

Home pregnancy test

Though there are different types of pregnancy tests at doctor’s chamber, to be sure you can conduct it in the privacy of your home. Some sensitive tests can be taken much earlier. All the tests have one basic principle which is to find the level of HCG in your blood or urine. The chemical in the stick changes colour when it comes in contact with the hormone. Waiting time depends upon the test undertaken, but it is 10 minutes at the maximum

Some doctors are of the opinion that HCG tests may be taken twice as the results may vary if taken too early. In certain cases HCG levels may be too low to be detected at an early stage. The applications vary from brand to brand, but the tests are on the inexpensive side.

Blood tests

These tests are performed at the chamber of the doctor and there are two basic types of blood tests
  • Qualitative blood test- In this test the objective is to find whether there is any HCG in your body. A simple answer of yes or no determines whether you are pregnant or not
  • In Quantitative HCG blood test specific levels of HCG in your blood is found out
The HCG may be higher or lower and it depends on the stage you are in, where the doctor may prescribe further tests. This may include an ultrasound or the HCG test may be repeated once again. One of the main reason on why HCG remains abnormal is when you are not sure of your exact dates. This may mean that you are in advanced stages of your pregnancy.

Qualitative blood tests are accurate as the exact amount of HCG in blood is determined. Small amounts of hormone is detected in comparison to a urine test. A blood test can detect HCG earlier than a urine test, but these tests take a longer amount of time whereas the results may take time to arrive.

Clinical urine test

This test can be performed in the chamber of your doctor. The test is not that accurate in comparison to HPT. Any possible errors can be eliminated by the doctor during the course of this test. It depends on your health insurance plan as this test can be costly than HPT.

The results of this test can vary depending upon the medical centre you visit. The results are expected within a week of taking the test.