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Useful guidance for installing the shrimp tank in your home

8/23/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Maintaining the aquarium in your home is really an essential task and so people like to use the filters to remove the unwanted things there. Along with it, adding some species inside the tank can also help to eliminate the dirty things easier. In that way, shrimps are the suitable creatures that can be added in the fish tanks to clean the water. Moreover, it can also add the diversity to the aquarium and act as the cleaner by consuming the algae and the leftover food by the fish. So, before adding the shrimp in the tank, you have to explore the shrimp tank setup in clear.

Setting up the shrimp tank

Introducing shrimp into the existing fish aquarium is a basic process of acclimation. In certain cases, the newly added shrimp may eat the existing fishes and therefore, you should be very careful while adding it.

Setting up the new shrimp tank is as easy as you it for the first time in the proper manner. You have to remember that the fish can eat the shrimps in nature. Before putting the shrimp into the tank, you have to check whether the shrimp in the tank can fit into the fish’s mouth.

Today, hobbyists like to add the shrimps in colorful camouflage to give the unique look to the tank. But, this color may also result in finding the shrimp easily by the fish for eating. So, if you want to have the successful shrimp tank, then it is better to make it as the shrimp only tank.

In order to make the shrimp tank, you have to gather some essential things like as follows.

·         Filter
·         Tank
·         Heater
·         Freshwater aquarium test kit
·         Lighting
·         Substrate

The first and foremost thing that you have to concentrate for the shrimp tank setup is to decide its size. Typically, shrimp tanks are small and so it is better to make it as 10 gallon.

After that, you have to fit the filter. In general, the sponge filter can be the perfect choice for the shrimp tank. This is because that the baby shrimp cannot be sucked when you have used this filter. Apart from these filters, it is also better to use the filters like under gravel, hang on filters and even the canister filters are also good.

When it comes to lighting the tank, LED lights are the best options to choose. When you use other lights, it may heat up the tank and it is hazardous for the fishes.

Heaters are optional thing and it is used for balancing the temperature level inside the shrimp tank.

Depending upon the shrimp types in your tank, you can choose the right and best substrate for your tank.

The fresh water test kit is so useful for checking whether it is helpful for making sure your shrimp can live in the right water conditions.