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Evaluating the Benefits of Chanting Mantras- Making a Better Self

9/01/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Mantras have got an age old relation with human civilization because it has always been considered to be the oldest resource of energy. There are several mythological stories which depict sadhu gurus chanting mantras and invoking the natural elements like fire, storm, water and much more.

So over the years, the connection of energy with the chanting mantras have already been established, and even science has accepted it because a sound is nothing but vibration and it is indeed a form of energy. But how can this energy be induced into human bodies and how can they prove to be beneficial is a matter of serious discussion. So what exactly are the advantages of practicing Soka Gakkai Chants?
·         Experts who have been doing it for years together have accepted the fact that by combining sound, breath, and rhythm, the meditation of mantra is being channelized, and it helps in the easy flow of energy through the mind body circuit. Since there is a lot of hormonal changes that control the chemical balance of human brain, it is said that these vibrations created by chanting the mantras actually help in regulating the formation of hormones, and maintaining the chemical balance. So as the entire endocrine system balances out, the mind gets stabilized and one can do away with the anxiety and depression that hunts for a scope to creep in.
·         Chanting is definitely a pleasure, which transcends all the senses, and helps mankind go beyond the dimension of time and space. One keeps hunting for multiple media that soothes them, and chanting is one such medium that soothes the individuals in one of the most profound ways it could have been done. As the flow of oxygen with the blood cells increases, while chanting, the soothing process starts right from the cellular level and help mankind find a repository. While chanting the materialistic sensation, needs, demands, everything goes down, but the mind never sleeps. It takes the multiple leaps and bounds and traverses boundaries that no one had ever imagined. The more restless a mind, the more it should chant mantras.
·         The immunity and strength of the body are highly connected with the hypothalamus. It is the tower that controls the signal strength of human brain and carries out all kinds of communication needed. The chemical messengers carry forth the stimulation and hence leave the deepest impact on human mood. Breath has got an immense relation with the hypothalamus and nothing more can regulate your breath than the mantras. So one simple act to perform and the central hub of the brain is under complete control.
Soka Gakkai Chant is all about practice, and the better you do, the better result you reap. Most of the core practitioners have believed in the regularity of chanting, and it is true that devotion and discipline have always been the key of chanting mantras. So whatever be the problem you face, make sure, you have your own mantra of life to overcome in due course of time.