Everything that you want to know about The Philadelphia Eagles

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Among the various proficient American football franchises, The Philadelphia Eagles is one of the most popular one. Located in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, this franchise is often referred to as The Birds. This franchise competes as a member of the league's NFC or National Football Conference East division in the NFL or National Football League.

Brendan Wetzel is also based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a great supporter of The Philadelphia Eagles. He never misses a single match of the team and keeps a close track on the team’s performance. In 1931 the Philadelphia Eagles united with the National Football League as an expansion team, substituting the bankrupted Frankford Yellow Jackets.

Some of the well-known rivalries of The Philadelphia Eagles include the following:

  • Dallas Cowboys: This team has been one of the biggest rivals of The Philadelphia Eagles. While Dallas has won 12 games since 2006 till now, the Eagles has won 11.
  • New York Giants: The rivalry of The Philadelphia Eagles with the New York Giants has been there since 1933 when the Giants defeated the newly founded Eagles.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: As The Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers are located in Pennsylvania and started play in 1933 there has been a major rivalry among both teams. The cause of rivalry in the beginning has been because they were part of the same division. Later on the teams have been placed in different divisions but they continue to remain in the same conference. Finally, the Eagles stayed with the NFC while the Steelers have been relocated to the American Football Conference. This is why today the Steelers and Eagles no more compete with each other each year. At present they are supposed to play match once each four years.

  • Washington Redskins: The rivalry of The Philadelphia Eagles with the Washington Redskins is often regarded as the fierce one.
Brendan Wetzel, being one of the greatest supporters of The Philadelphia Eagles ensures that he does not miss any of their matches with Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants. He watches them either by visiting the stadium or via TV. Also he records the live telecast and watches them later on to find out what mistake the team has made or how it won the game. The present management, coaching, and ownership of the team have helped them to won a number of matches. This has led the team to be on the top ranks. The Eagles also has some great teams, with plenty of star players, some greatly feared units on defense.

The Philadelphia Eagles have had some great running backs over the years. The team has been able to won three NFL Championships by defeating the Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Cardinals. Moreover, the team has a proud fan base. Since, The Philadelphia Eagles is one of the most important teams in the league it can be said that they will continue to be both a favorite and influential team in the years to come.