Evolution of WordPress: Web application development

9/22/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

WordPress, which started with the blogging website, is now seen by developers and designers as a web application site. People have broadened their perspective about WordPress and have begun using it for designing and developing websites. Bloggers for content management initially used it. WordPress is now being used to establish a database backed website which runs as a web browser. If we look at word press and things it has to offer for web development, it can be looked upon as of the finest platform that provides the development of the websites. With the time the requirement of the same has been increased a lot.

There are different things that a Word press has to offer, some of them are as:

·         WordPress lets us handle the server side, the client side, and the administrator side tasks.
·         It offers a database which has a flexible data scheme.
·         It also provides us a core application layer with hooks which one can take advantage of.
Developing a web application requires many libraries, tools, frameworks, foundations, etc. and there are many services that a WordPress website development services have to offer us. Some of them are:

1.     E-commerce Development

WordPress is used to develop an e-commercial website which is simple, attractive and quick to load. There are various e-commercial themes that can help one quickly develop a high-end e-commercial website for users. You can make an e-commercial website which is a perfect e- commercial solution from the user point of view in terms of technical background and utility.

2.     Custom Web Application Development

With WordPress, you can develop a web application which has high quality and can meet your business needs perfectly. With custom WordPress development, one can develop web applications that are simple, beautiful and user-friendly.

3.     Web Design

Design of a website is essential, and with WordPress, one can ensure high-quality web design. The designing offered by WordPress is known to be highly operative. The right design of the website ensures that your website is communicating what it needs to communicate.

4.     Enterprise Portal Development

An enterprise portal plays an essential part in performing various tasks. One needs to have the best strategy for the business portals. For an elegant gateway, it is imperative to have a unique and a user-friendly structure.

5.     UI Design

Having a simple and a user-friendly UI Design is very important, and WordPress offers you one. With the help of WordPress, one can design an interface which is easy to use and provides the best security. User Interfaces have advanced, and WordPress gives you all of that.

6.     PSD to WordPress conversion

PSD is your Photoshop files, and to make them work on your web page; it is essential to convert them into an XHTML file. WordPress helps you save the PSD file to an online operation. There are different types of conversions that are offered by WordPress. Some of them are:

·         PSD to HTML
·         PSD to XHTML
·         PSD to Bootstrap
·         PSD to WordPress