Know about InContactand Five9

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Cloud Hosted Contact Center solutions are on the path to replace on-site solutions. They save costs up to 50%, and offer a huge amount of features which only a few contact centers in the world do. However, many contact centers are now competing to provide services to the small and medium-sized ventures.

In Contact and Five9 are two such centers we are going to look at. In Contact, established in 1997, is the provider of a contact center service and offer both phone and data in the same package. They have access to a lot of phone numbers and therefore, you'll easily get a toll-free number you wish to. They connect over one billion calls per year. five9, on the other hand, was formed in 2003 and has grown at a rapid pace since. It has been recognized by many a magazines as a swiftly growing company who connect over 3 billion calls on a yearly basis. While Five9's contract options are monthly or annual, In Contact offers monthly contracts.

Both the companies can work with various third-party integrations; however, they have completely different ways of writing their own platforms. While Five9 prefers partnering with companies that have developed programs on their own- basically outsourcing the work, In Contact hire their own set of coders who work round the clock on new software. NICE developed Five9's Quality Monitor Software and SoCoCare developed their social media platform. Nuance wrote their speech recognition software. However, it is completely your choice whether to trust a company which develops its software in house through a group of coders or one which outsources its development or partners a company which has already developed programs. The reason being both Five9 and In Contact are more or less the same and offer similar services.

Some of those features, which both the companies give, are as follows.

·         Automatic call distributor - routes calls to the best available agent.

·         Interactive Voice Response - Transfers user to the appropriate voice recognition department.

·         Workforce Optimization Software - Analyzes user and agent interaction data to maximize successful calls and improve agent skills

·         Workforce management software - Analyze the length and volume of the call to set up a better layout.

·         User Satisfaction Survey - Requests the user to evaluate the agent immediately after the call.

·         Incoming, outgoing, and Blended Calling - the actual calling capacity, whether more calls are out, incoming or mixed both.

·         Dialer - Outbound and mixed call centers are electronically selected from the list of approved numbers.

·         Screen Pops - Also called CTI, information that appears on the screen when the agent is in the call. The display can show user profiles, proposed scripts, and KPIs.

The only visible difference between in InContactvs Five9 is that In Contact focuses more on building its own platform while Five9 is a bit more interested in partnering with other companies.When it comes to real-life service, you will not find a big difference between two because there are so many similarities when it comes to a real user experience.