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Somatrope the Ultimate Growth Hormone

9/03/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Meditech has been a leader in the field of producing performance enhancing drugs and top quality anabolic steroids. The main USP of the company has been quality product and best price online guaranteed. They are known to manufacture the most potent steroids using high quality ingredients so as to live up to the industry quality standards.

The product portfolio of the company contains oral as well as the injectable steroids, anti-estrogen and other topical formulations. One of the most popular formulations has been the injectable Somatrope by Meditech. This is a form of human growth hormone essential for the growth of bones and muscles in the body. Therefore this became a highly popular steroid in the field of body building.
Nice it being a form of human growth hormone had the benefits also similar to it.It increases the muscle size and also enhances the lean muscle mass. You can also see a remarkable improvement in the bone joint and tendon strength as well. The steroid is potent in boosting energy and increasing your overall endurance level there by facilitating you to exercise better. It also helps in a faster recovery from muscle wear and tear after a workout.

The consumption of the steroid also resulted in the menstrual cycles becoming regular for many with menopause hitting at a much later stage. The injectable somatrope by Meditechis an excellent alternative for those being treated for growth hormone deficiency. In the event of pituitary gland being not able to secrete enough these acts as an alternative source. Other than these the steroid has also been equally beneficial in reducing the body fat and improvement in the cholesterol levels. In some cases a remarkably enhanced hair growth has also been seen including improvement in skin texture and elasticity.

Dosage for the injectable somatrope

The recommended dosage for the injectable somatrope is a minimum of 4 IU for beginners and it can go up to 15 IU as the body gets accustomed to it. The steroid has the ability to burn fat when the sugar and insulin levels are low therefore the ideal time to take the first injection is early morning empty stomach. Even if you are in the bulking phase this should be a good time.

The second one can be taken about 6-8 hours later before going to bed. Ensure that both retaken in equal dosage. The steroid cycle should run up to 5-8 moths in length ideally. An important point to be kept in mind is that the when taking it in higher doses that is 10 IU and more include insulin to your cycle.

This will help prevent the risk of diabetes which is a serious side effect of the steroid. Some of the other side effects include headache, muscle or joint pain, increased blood sugar, urination and rapid weight gain. Since a good amount of doses of the steroid are required achieving that dream physique it’s imperative that you go for quality brands like Meditech.