The Deterioration of Onglyza

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Onglyza: One of the DPP-4 inhibitors

The DPP-4 inhibitors comprises of a class of medicines namely, sitagliptin, saxagliptin, linagliptin, alogliptin and vildagliptin. The saxagliptin goes by the brand name of Onglyza in the pharma market. The Onglyza is basically an anti-diabetes drug who targets the people with high blood sugar levels. This medicine helps to lower as well as keep the blood sugar levels controlled in the human body. Only Type 2 diabetes can be treated by using this medicine. There are instances when this drug is stacked with other medications of diabetes. However, there is a prominent flip side to it. As much as benefits does the it has, onglyza is know for its injury​​. The two predominant injuries include heart attack and Pancreatic Cancer.

The program of diabetic treatment includes proper exercise as well as diet. The weight of an individual weighs heavy on a type 2 diabetes patient. Thus, Onglyza is just one part of the entire treatment program.

Diabetes Management

The class of DPP-4 inhibitors among which Onglyza is one is a new set of diabetes medication. The Food and Administration Dept in the year 2006 approved this class of new age anti-diabetic medication. The anti-diabetic drug impacts the bodily responses to food. Incretin is a hormone that is released with food intake. What Onglyza does is that it uses the incretins to reduce blood sugar levels since it restricts the pancreas from releasing Glucagon, in other words the hormone that increases blood sugar levels. While DPP-4 is a incretin removing enzyme, the DPP-4 inhibitors prevent the incretin hormones from being removed. Thus, the sugar levels are controlled.

The Bad name of Onglyza

Scentific reports have opined that this Onglyza drug is posing a threat to the diabetic patients in a manner that it increases the risk among patients where they can suffer from fatal medical conditions like pancreatic cancer and heart attack. The increasing rate at which patients are being hospitalized because onglyza is know for its injury​​, is huge. Thus, this drug is not used as a first choice in the treatment of diabetes.

There are varied side effects when the question rises on Onglyza. The side effects however, vary based on the severity of the same. Some of the commonly seen side effects include memory problems, joint pain, fever, allergies, nausea, loss of apetite etc. However, in severe cases the intake of onglyza may lead to Pancreatic & Thyroid Cancer, Heart failures, kidney problems, renal failure etc.

One must never neglect such negative impacts as a result of taking a drug like Onglyza. The reason is simple. You never know the severity of the condition. Therefore, consultation with a doctor about these concerns is of utmost importance. In any cases of injury sustenance that has been caused by this defective Onglyza Drug is applicable to file a lawsuit named Onglyza lawsuit. The dangerous effect of this anti-diabetic drug is no more behind the walls. The manufacturer, AstraZeneca is definitely at fault as they have hidden the negative truths of the drug from the patients.